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Programme courses

MSc AI courses​

Autumn semester, 30 credits

Artificial Intelligence, Challenges and Tools, Introduction to Data Science
Become aware of the economic impact of digital disruption.
Understand opportunities and connections in the data processing chain for value creation.
2 credits, taught by ESIEA

Overview of the Existing System
Learn analysis and visualisation solutions and techniques. Get to know the main algorithms and structures,
neural networks, machine learning, deep learning. Keep up to date with the latest technological developments.
4 credits, taught by ESIEA /SKEMA

Business Solutions Management
Mastering the ecosystems and tools, project management, legal aspects (RGPD) 
2 credits, taught by ESIEA

Cloud Computing
Understand the concept of virtualisation. Know the different architectures: public, private, hybrid cloud.
Be aware of the issues of confidentiality, sovereignty and costs. 
1 credit, taught by ESIEA

Big Data Architectures
Learn Spark, Hadoop, MapReduce 
2 credits, taught by ESIEA

Advanced Management and Implementation of Solutions
Understand the techniques of real-time data analysis (log processing). Know blockchain. Ensure data quality and governance. 
2 credits, taught by ESIEA /SKEMA

Smart Home 
2 credits, taught by ESIEA

Cyber Security 
2 credits, taught by ESIEA

Preparation for writing the thesis + identification, qualification, analysis of information and developments in AI 
(group project with feedback throughout the two semesters) 
2 credits, taught by SKEMA

Spring semester, 30 credits

Corporate Strategy, Law and Ethics 
5 credits, taught by SKEMA

Change Management 
5 credits, taught by SKEMA

Digital Consulting / Consulting Methods 
2 credits, taught by ESIEA /SKEMA

Start-up / Creativity / Entrepreneurship 
2 credits, taught by SKEMA

Project in groups over the year, provided by companies, mentoring + 
5 credits, taught by various companies

In-company modules (2 credits each, taught by various companies)
    • Microsoft
    • Acticall / AI client experience
    • IBM / Watson Application
    • Accenture
    • Devoteam
    • Facebook

Professional thesis, 30 credits


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