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June 2022 - SKEMA's MSc Financial Markets ranks 3rd worldwide - FT

The Financial Times has ranked this MSc third worldwide yet again in its "Masters in Finance pre-experience 2022" ranking

Track courses - Paris campus


O​n the Paris campus, the MSc Financial Markets has an Asset Management track and an Investment Banking track


The MSc Financial Markets & Investments tracks on the Paris campus bring students together from all over the world with diverse backgrounds. The tracks shift from being academic in the first semester to a more hands-on approach featuring experienced professionals in the second term.

Course calendar

Spring intake is only available for the first year of the Two-year MSc. This allows students to acquire professional experience for eight to nine months.
Find out more about the first year of the Two-year MSc programme.

Courses by semester


​Semester 1 - Paris

  • Financial Markets Microstructure, 0 credits
  • Bloomberg Data Analysis - BMC, 0 credits
  • Market intelligence & Sustainable Finance I, 0 credits
  • Frontier Programming & technologies I, 0 credits
  • Frontier Programming & technologies II, 2 credits
  • Global Asset Allocation I, 3 credits
  • Equity Research & Valuation I, 3 credits
  • Excel Financial Modelling I, 2 credits
  • Excel Financial Modelling II, 12 credits
  • Derivatives Valuation & Strategies I, 18 credits
  • Credit Strategies, 12 credits
  • Fixed Income I, 18 credits
  • Portfolio Management, 12 credits
  • Financial Econometrics I (with R programming), 12 credits
  • Financial Econometrics II (with R programming), 12 credits
  • VBA Quant Modelling I, 12 credits
  • Career Management I (Talent & Career Centre), 1 credit

  • VBA Fondation, 1 credit
  • VBA Projects, 1 credit

The above details are for information only and may be changed by the school without prior notice

Semester 2 - Paris

  • Finance Research and Thesis Project (if engaged in MSc thesis), 1 credits
  • Financial Econometrics III (with R programming), 3 credits
  • Equity Research & Valuation II, 2 credits
  • Global Asset Allocation II, 3 credits
  • Communication and Sales Methods, 0 credits
  • Career Management II, 1 credit

ELECTIVE COURSES (choose three)
  • Python Programming & Technologies, 2 credits
  • MySQL Programming for Data Bases, 2 credits
  • Microsoft Artificial Intelligence Tools (Power Platform), 2 credits
  • Blockchain & Fintechs: a Practical View, 2 credits

  • Fixed Income II, 3 credits
  • Alternative Investments, 3 credits
  • Essentials of Technical Analysis, 2 credits
  • Structured Products & Advanced Derivatives, 2 credits
  • Derivatives Valuation & Strategies II, 2 credits
  • VBA Quant Modelling II, 2 credits
  • Stochastic Financial modelling - Portfolio optimisation, 2 credits

  • Market Intelligence & Sustainable Finance II, 3 credits
  • Equity & Debt Capital Market, 3 credits
  • Financial Engineering - Equity Derivatives, 2 credits
  • Private Equity, 2 credits
  • M&A and Restructuring, 2 credits
  • Leveraged Finance - Project Finance, 2 credits

The above details are for information only and may be changed by the school without prior notice

​S2: conferences & workshops

  • Event Driven & Merger Arb
  • Post Merger Integration (PMI)
  • Investment Simulation & Practice (Amplifying technology)
  • ETF, Smart Bêtas and Factor Investing
  • Machine Learning for Finance
  • Sales Simulation & Practice
  • Volatility Trading & Hedging
  • VBA Quant Modelling Coaching
  • AM Funds Sales & Marketing
  • Deal & Negotiation Training
  • Basel & Banking Regulation Outlook
  • IPOs Simulation (Amplifying technology)
  • Venture Capital Investment
  • AM & IB future developments
  • CIB Job Market Coaching
  • Banking Gap Management (ALM) 2

Recommended reading

The best way to prepare is to start class books (which will be required reading over the first semester, with some preliminary self-study - see above) or to read the Financial Times / Wall Street Journal, etc. every day. 

Of course many other books, including in particular those suggested by Amaury Goguel, the Paris MSc Financial Markets & Investments director, are excellent readings. You will receive, upon selection and registration, additional details. Some courses to level up are included in the programme and take place at the beginning of the year, just after intake.


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