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Track courses Sophia Antipolis campus


On the Sophia Antipolis campus, the MSc Financial Markets has a Trading, Structuring & Portfolio Management track  


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Mandatory courses, total credits: 30
  • Preschooling:

    • Bloomberg

    • Financial Econometrics With R

    • Introduction to Stochastic Calculus

  • Stochastic Calculus Applied to Financial Models

  • Tackling Country Risk Challenges in the Age of Globalisation

  • Employability & Career

  • Financial Research & Modelling with R

  • Financial Econometrics with R

  • Fixed Income 1: Pricing & Valuation

  • Equity Valuation & Financial Analysis

  • Derivative Valuation & Strategies

  • MS Excel VBA Programming

  • VBA 1: Pricing Techniques

  • SQL Programming


Mandatory courses, total credits: 14
  • Amplify Trading Simulation

  • Quantitative Portfolio Management

  • Employability & Career

  • Fixed Income 2: Investment Strategies

  • Credit Value Adjustment (CVA)

  • Portfolio Management Simulation

  • Compliance & Ethics

Elective courses (select eight), total credits: 16
  • Equity/FX Structured Products

  • Quantitative Modelling: Exotic Options 

  • Commodities and Commodity Trading 

  • Fixed Income Structured Products 

  • Current Economic and Geopolitical Issues 

  • Option Book Management 

  • Quantitative Modeling of the Value at Risk 

  • Traded Credit: CDS, CDO, CVA, Loans 

  • VBA 2: VBA Quantitative Development 

  • Python 1 Programming for Finance 

  • Python 2 Applied to Finance 

  • Fintechs and other Banking Ventures in a Digital World 

  • Artificial Intellingence Tools for Market Finance (MSFT Power Platform)

Courses in the second semester emphasise technical and quantitative issues so that students are ready for their first job interviews in February/March.

Total credits = 30 (semester 1), 30 semester 2), 30 dissertation = 90
These details are for information only and may be changed by the school without prior notice.
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