About the Triple Master programme

The Triple Master is a joint programme between Loyola University (New Orleans, USA), Ludwig Maximilians University (LMU) in Munich and SKEMA Business School. This collaboration allows students to obtain an MBA from Loyola University, a master of science in Management from LMU and the "Grande Ecole" degree from SKEMA. Three degrees, three worldwide recognised institutions for a global, multi-cultural experience on two continents and three countries.*

Webinar replay

We recently held a webinar to,present the Triple Master to interested students. Watch the webinar replay here. The password: X1y8f4!v 

Programme structure

Listed below is a sample schedule for a Global MBA student. All courses taken at Loyola through the Global MBA programme will be on-campus, in the evening.

Autumn semester, year 1

August-December at Loyola New Orleans
  • MBA Experience/Orientation, 1 credit
  • Financial & Managerial Accounting, 3 credits
  • Organisational Behavior & Leadership, 3 credits
  • Strategic Marketing, 3 credits
  • Managerial Economics & Statistics, 3 credits
  • Ethics and Social Justice, 1 credit
  • Career Management, 1 credit

Spring semester, year 1

January-May at SKEMA, Paris
  • Corporate Finance, 3 credits
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship, 3 credits
  • Supply Chain Management, 3 credits
  • International Project Management, 3 credits
  • Strategic Stakeholder Management, 3 credits

Summer session, year 1

June-July at LMU, Munich
  • Strategic Communication, 3 credits
  • Data based Decision-Making, 3 credits
  • Competitive Strategy/Consulting Project, 3 credits

Autumn semester, year 2

September-October at LMU, Munich
  • Financial Risk Management, 3 credits
  • Competitive Strategy/Consulting Project, 3 credits


Tuition and fee schedule

Tuition and fees for the programme are billed per credit hour enrolled every semester. Students are billed after registration and tuition bills are due by the first day of classes. The Triple Master tuition breakdown is below:

  • Tuition (total 45 credit hours): $45 225 

  • General Fees*: $758 per semester

  • Graduation Fee**: $300

  • International studies fee/Consulting project: ask us about this.

  • Additional fees (international student insurance, living expenses, etc.): ask us about this.

*May vary on each campus
**Students are billed during the graduation term

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