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Athlete students

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​

Consolidate stu​​​dies with intensive sports training

BBA in Global Management students may continue their high-level sports training while studying.​
Students who train in the French Riviera region benefit from a flexible approach towards their studies, allowing them to consolidate further education with intensive sports training.  


Support services for athletes

  • The coach and his or her assistant are in charge of​ training and organising competitions.

  • The university sports director is there to help athletes with the administrative side of things and to advise on academic orientation.

  • International students’ advis​ory service for advice and info about partner universities.

  • Tutoring service – helps with course work.

  • Flexible arrangements for athlete students.

  • Reduced study load during training and competitions.

  • Deferred examinations if necessary.

  • Support from a tutor and a sports instructor to help manage the study programme and sports commitments.​


Financial support

Students who have been granted the status of athlete students receive a sports grant of up to €2000​ per year. If students are unable to follow a full semester of courses due to training commitments, the following services are offered with no additional expense: 
  • Take up to eight credits in the summer​

  • An extension of the study period (one year for the exchange programme, one semester for the transfer programme).

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