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Academic advisors

In th​is video, Alessio Lucio, academic director of the Global BBA, talks about the tutoring system at the school.

What academic advisors do

The​ tutors are dedicated teachers who are on campus three to four days per week. They meet individually with each student at least six times a year. But there is no limit to how many times a student may seek their tutor’s assistance. A simple​ schedule hangs next to tutors’ doors, and that’s all that’s needed to guarantee a 15-minute, to one-hour, appointment within two days at most.

Tutors are mentors, who foster students’ ambitions and professional goals. They are also advisors, sharing their insights on industry and job market trends to optimize students’ profiles. They guide students within the limits of what is possible, yet they only provide advice: students remain the sole and final decision-makers of their academic choices.


For our students, tutors are a special human link with the school, as well as for their parents who also have direct access to them.​​​​​​​​​

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