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The SKEMA Global Executive MBA programme

The programme is delivered by highly qualified and committed faculty members.

The advantages of the SKEMA Global Executive MBA

Expertise: broaden your skill set and gain more legitimacy with the company's various stakeholders.

Increased leadership: learn the art of leading and of communicating your vision, beyond complexity management and functional expertise. Develop the leadership capabilities necessary for managing the main cross-functional processes dedicated to value creation and to the implementation of complex transformations.

Artificial intelligence, a driver of transformation: gain an in-depth understanding of the concepts, ideas and tools connected with AI as a driver of transformation within the company.

Global approach: distance learning modules combined with residential weeks in Brazil, China, France and the United States.

Connection and diversity: 91% of participants have an international profile. Gain access to a network of 48,000 alumni around the world. Build a powerful network within the programme's international cohorts and explore ecosystems on four continents during the residential weeks.

Pedagogical innovation: an exclusive approach to teaching – the SKEMA Way of Learning – to give you new skills to shape your environment and develop sustainable solutions.

The Global Executive MBA programme in detail

The programme is structured around four main modules, each dedicated to learning a value creation process. Each module is broken down into lessons designed to encourage the development of systematic thinking to better understand and learn to manage complexity.

Through the different residential weeks, the Global Executive MBA programme offers the possibility of experiences within the ecosystems of the school's different international campuses, in the USA, China, Brazil and France.

Module 1: Understanding the wider environment

This first module is aimed at understanding the environment in the broad sense. More precisely, programme participants learn to recognise weak signals, to navigate interlinked megatrends, and to develop a cross-disciplinary approach to understand the world from a perspective beyond that of traditional management.

Residential week in Paris, France, September 2022.

Module 2: Strategising for and in a changing world

In the second module, EMBA participants learn to elaborate strategies for and in a changing world. The lessons enable them to understand the potential of technologies, sustainability and other major drivers of business growth and transformation. With this understanding, they can gain expertise to devise and implement strategies that widen the possibilities.

Residential week in Raleigh, USA, March 2023.

Module 3: Management of organisations and operations

The second-last module of the EMBA is aimed at developing value-added skills that improve companies' operational efficiency. This means learning to identify the challenges facing the supply chain as a result of the growing pressure of international competition, client and customer expectations, regulatory requirements, and environment protection.

The students commit to safeguarding the planet and to protecting personal data and its ethical use. They learn to think like the school's avant-garde, to act like impactful players, and to contribute as a global institution.

Residential week in Suzhou, China, October 2023.

Module 4: Transformation – the challenge of implementation

To round off the programme, the fourth module of the EMBA is all about implementing transformation. The students become capable of improving and using their leadership to devise a complex transformation and transcend normative approaches. They learn to take into account crucial questions concerning rights, ethics and governance in their decision making.

Residential week in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, February 2024.

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