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Certificate Data Science & AI for business

Start transforming your organisation by using artificial intelligence to create value
Innovation & Digital Transformation
Who this is for

Managers and leaders wishing to increase their knowledge of data science and AI in order to integrate these into their business strategy and carry out transformation projects.


​4 days


Next intake: March 2024




​Maria Stamatovic​​​

The training programme below has been developed in partnership with :​

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  1. Acquire an understanding of data science and AI and identify the new challenges they solve
  2. Make business decisions and create value by experimenting with AI (choice of three applications)
  3. Build a collective intelligence based on AI to support the strategy 
  4. Understand the cybersecurity and ethical issues surrounding AI

Programme highlights

  • Business-oriented online training to address the needs of managers and executives and enable them to interact (virtual classrooms)
  • Trainers with diverse profiles to address major business challenges
  • Familiarisation with a tool to understand the opportunities offered by AI, but also its limitations
  • An application to experiment with AI within a specific field (supply chain, finance, marketing)


MODULE 1: Understanding data science & AI

The objective of this training module is to introduce the fundamental principles of data science and artificial intelligence. Participants will discover the main concepts and the vocabulary of data, data science, AI, machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, as well as the new skill requirements and the roles associated with these disciplines.

MODULE 2: Making business decisions with AI and creating value

By studying success stories from companies that have used new automation technologies such as AI to grow, participants will understand why AI is a business opportunity and how to harness it to create value within their company. Participants will get the opportunity to use the artificial intelligence tool selected by our research centre in Montreal: “Orange Data Mining”.

MODULE 3: Experiment ( a choice of three applications)

This module will allow participants to use a data mining tool and identify opportunities by drawing on business-use cases relevant to their industry. This approach will enable them to determine the key factors for success, but also the challenges and problems to avoid. Participants will choose one of the three applications available. Each is based on a specific AI specialty:  Supply chain: predictive maintenance  Finance: language analysis  Marketing: image recognition

MODULE 4: Transforming the organisation with data specialists

In this module, participants will look at how to integrate data specialists into their teams and retain them. To be successful 
and create business value, this integration must be supported and must involve all the departments with which the data specialists will be working. The work organisation will no doubt become more agile and cross-functional as a result.

MODULE 5: Cybersecurity, compliance, ethics and green IT

This module will give participants a better understanding of how to protect data 
and “sensitive data”, and to manage and mitigate the risk of hacking. Ethical issues will be analysed through both a local and an international lens. Lastly, the rise of green IT will also be discussed.

Practical information

This programme represents the equivalent of four days of training and is delivered online only. It is made up of e-learning and of virtual classes led by trainers who are experts in their field.

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