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Effective teleworking

​Getting set up for teleworking is not something that can be improvised if you want to remain effective and efficient all day long in an environment that is different to your usual work setting. Whether you are working from home or on the road, how can you organise your work to be autonomous, remain productive and preserve your well-being? This is hands-on course has been designed to meet the organisational needs of staff working remotely.
Team efficiency
Who this is for

​Anyone working remotely or planning to.


​2 days


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By the end of this training, participants will be able to: 

  • Recognise the advantages of teleworking and the pitfalls to avoid
  • Organise themselves and plan out their tasks and duties based on a structured method
  • Unlock keys for motivation to stay engaged

Course content

Module 1: develop your own framework for teleworking

  • Prepare yourself to work differently and know how overcome your fears and doubts (an impact analysis tool to identify any reluctance will be used)
  • Rearrange your ecosystem by making any necessary adjustments
  • Set up in the right environment and ensure you have the right equipment in place
  • Adapt and check your teleworking tools to achieve peak productivity
  • Detect any pitfalls that an impact on productivity
  • Learn how to discipline yourself; discover tips and methods for concentrating and remaining focused

Module 2: developing the 4 key skills for teleworking

  • Position yourself as an autonomous and responsible teleworker
  • Effectively manage your time and priorities
  • Develop your agility to cope with the changes associated with teleworking
  • Develop and consolidate your self-discipline to perform the tasks you need to accomplish.

Module 3: remain engaged and effective with your communication

  • How to maintain mutually dependent relationships with your team and manager remotely
  • Know how to alert your manager if difficulties arise.
  • Implement a daily ritual to stay on track with the work and tasks expected by your manager
  • Communicate remotely using simple and effective tools


The assessment serves a dual purpose:

  • To check how much participants have understood, avoid errors in interpretation, and remind them of the key points to remember
  • To allow participants to lock in their new knowledge by developing an action plan.

Assessment formats: quiz and open-ended questions.

The advantages of this training

As a specialist in staff development and in supporting companies through organisational changes, the trainer will ensure that practical exercises and concrete examples feature strongly in the training. Interactive training tools will be used for all the topics covered.

Training method

The course features a mix of theory, exercises and operational tools.

Participants will be divided into smaller workshop groups to explore key situations faced by companies. 

Each participant will be able to draw up their own action plan.


No specific prerequisites.

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