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Effective verbal presentations

Workshop in English.


​Étienne André
+33 4 93 95 32 94

Who this is for

​Prerequisite: upper-intermediate level in English (B2). Group size: four to six participants.


​€1200  (tax not incl.)

Expertise Professional efficiency

​Two days


​Groups formed upon request.
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Sophia Antipolis, France

Objectives: Effective verbal presentations


  1. Gain confidence
  2. Increase assertiveness in international meetings or in front of large audiences


Programme: Effective verbal presentations


Planning and preparation

  • Purposes in verbal presentations
  • Comparing written and verbal messages
  • Planning a strategy for your presentation: choosing the kind of presentation, adapting to the audience, planning opening and concluding, planning visuals, signposting.
  • Choosing the information to include in a presentation and organising it
  • Focusing on points not words

Optimal delivery

  • Capturing interest and building rapport
  • Structuring content and making an impact
  • Using your voice
  • Being creative / telling stories: use and abuse of emotion
  • Spontaneity vs preparation
  • Handling questions
  • Making group presentations
  • The devil is in the detail: illustration, anecdote and example

Putting theory into practice

  • Presentation from each participant / videoed
  • Peer critique and feedback

Learning approach: Effective verbal presentations


A hands-on course where participants are in their professional situation and can practise the techniques taught with immediate, thus effective, feedback from both peers and trainer.


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