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Global nano-sustainable luxury management

Who this is for

Entrepreneurs, executives and professionals in the luxury industry who want to integrate knowledge about sustainability in luxury.

Owners or executives of small and medium-sized companies that act at some point in the value chain in the luxury sector.

Entrepreneurs and professionals who want to enter or who are trying to enter the luxury sector or the ones who want to know about this "universe".

Students and graduates of SKEMA Brazil..


20 days (40 hours)


Start date : September 3rd 2021


R$ 4.800,00 (price in Reais) 


​Contact: Conrado Pimenta (campus SKEMA Brazil)

(+55 31) 3299-9718

(+55 31) 99423-0312


Luxury is an industry despite having other definitions and given the economic expansion of different economic groups, globalisation, and democratisation of luxury items, this industry is no longer composed of small niche companies as it used to be. It represents a true macroeconomic sector, targeting large numbers and under the direction of managers. And consumers have also changed their buying behaviour, being conscious of the choices they make when purchasing a product and/or service from a particular brand and taking into account the culture of that company, its social responsibility actions, and its commitment to sustainability. 

Sustainable luxury requires truly excellent social and environmental performance. Sustainable luxury would not only be the vehicle for greater respect for the environment and social development, but it will also be synonymous with culture, art, and innovation from different nationalities while maintaining the legacy of local craftsmanship. It is also a return to the ancestral essence of luxury, careful buying, artisanal manufacturing, the aesthetic beauty of materials in their broadest sense, and respect for social and environmental issues.    

The Global Nano Sustainable Luxury Management is 40 hours long and its main focus is to train managers to understand the specificities of sustainable luxury business management and to form conscientious and skilled managers to work in the sector.  The programme brings together experts and teachers from France, India, Africa, and Latin America contributing with brands and projects established to recreate the luxury towards sustainability and is a partnership project between SKEMA Business SchoolSKEMA Brazil, and the Centre for Sustainable Luxury Studies. 

Programme objectives

The programme offers a complete, multi sectorial and exhaustive vision of the integration between management and sustainability in the luxury sector: from the creation of sustainable value analysed from a strategic perspective, to the traceability analysis of the entire product value chain. It reveals how a sustainable luxury brand is created and developed, analysing the role of innovation, design and craftsmanship. Consider also, distribution channels, e-commerce and digital communication.

Programme content


Part one

Unit 1: Luxury
  • An introduction to luxury and the luxury industry
  • The basic features of luxury and the premium segment (and the segments below luxury)
  • Strategies and differences (the story of the last decades and the present of the luxury sector)
  • The luxury consumer
  • The luxury consumer and its perceptions. What are the factors influencing consumer demand for luxury? 
  • Societal shifts and consumers behaviours changes 
Unit 2: Sustainable luxury
  • Sustainable development, the impact, the evolution and the influences on business management
  • Sustainable business
  • The drivers of sustainable luxury 
Unit 3: Sustainable luxury management
  • Creating sustainable value
  • Creating a culture for shared value through luxury on both the brands and the consumers sides
Unit 4: Brand management
  • How to create and develop a sustainable luxury brand
  • The brand in sustainable luxury
  • Brand identity, brand management and team work
  • The value of local identity and the COO effect
Unit 5: Creativity and innovation
  • Creation, creativity and innovation 
  • The CEO/creative relationship
  • Design and craftsmanship in luxury and sustainable luxury
  • Design, craftsmanship, the artisans behind the piece, and the collaboration with the designer
  • New sustainable packagings and traceability
  • IP and fighting against fakes, parallel importations and markets and grey markets
  • Limitations to technology developments

Part two

Unit 6: Value chain and traceability
  • Sustainable management of the value chain
  • The importance of "traceability" 
Unit 7: Biodiversity and luxury
  • Understanding the relationship between biodiversity, ecosystem services, and business
  • Integrating biodiversity into a broader sustainability strategy
  • Building the business case for biodiversity 
Unit 8: Distribution channels
  • Retail, flagship stores, wholesale, pop-ups, licenses, duty-free stores
  • On line distribution and electronic commerce
  • How to improve their sustainability? 
Unit 9: Communication and digital communication
  • Traditional communication, the emergence of the digital and its impact on luxury consumption
  • Clients involvement
  • The global sustainable coherency
Unit 10: Integrating workshop
  • Analysing a cases studies to integrate each of the units 

Classes and teaching methodology

The course consists of nine synchronous or asynchronous + one synchronous weekly class, of 4 hours each. Concepts will be applied to real situations and contexts to maximise the exchange of ideas between participants and teachers. Each class presents a perfect balance of a careful selection of bibliography, cases, and discussions in order to diagnose for decision-making and guide the participants to action. 


This nano programme will be taught in English.


A SKEMA Business School is accredited by the Ministry of Education of Brazil and the course has the character of an extension course and a certificate will be issued. 


We offer special payment conditions. Contact our admission team directly and learn more by :

or telephone at (+55 31) 3299-9718 

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