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Research centres

Finance & Accounting Insights on Risk & Regulation

​​Finance & Accounting Insights on Risk and Regulation (FAIRR)
 is dedicated to promoting top-level research and best practices in corporate finance, market finance and accounting. 

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Knowledge, Technology and Organisation

Knowledge, Technology and Organisation (KTO) is an interdisciplinary team of researchers, spanning across disciplines such as Strategy, Organization, and Entrepreneurship. 

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Market Interactions

​Market Interactions (MINT) mission is to be a hub for researchers passionate for studying complex and dynamic interactions in market, consumers, and society.

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SKEMA Centre for Analytics and Management Sc.
Researchers advance the state-of-the-art to help managers improve the performance of their firms using analytics, data science, mathematical modelling, operations research, project management, and computational science.​

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SKEMA Centre for Artificial Intelligence

IIts mission is to investigate and guide the economic, societal, and ethical value generated by Human Centric AI systems for business and develop and improve AI techniques and algorithms with a view to solving specific business problems​​. See more

SKEMA Centre for Global Risks

​The SKEMA Centre for Global Risks gather researchers who share a common interest in analysing not only the challenges created by global risks but also the opportunities that they may generate. 

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SKEMA Centre for Sustainability Studies

IIts mission is to determine how business activities can be sustainable and contribute to a better world. 

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