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The spirit of SKEMA Ventures

After completing his graduation, Antoine R. had an idea in mind which he really wanted to implement— creating his own company. However, he was anxious as starting a new venture naturally involves a lot of risk. Though the idea of failure being a stepping stone to learning looks good on paper, wouldn’t it be great if it could be avoided? After careful evaluation, Antoine chose to apply for SKEMA Business School’s MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Not only does this programme promote the learning-by-doing approach, it also provides a solid anchoring in the latest knowledge and methods in entrepreneurship.

Antoine got the necessary assistance to develop and test his innovative entrepreneurial idea throughout the course. During his first semester at SKEMA’s campus in Sophia Antipolis, popularly known as the French Silicon Valley, Antoine was able to gather around him a team of students motivated by his project.

Then, in the second semester, he joined SKEMA’s Suzhou campus to explore the possibility of deploying his project in China. This enabled him to find market opportunities and potential investors. Today, the company has been created and for Antoine, “The sky's the limit.”

Antoine's journey at SKEMA is not a unique example. It illustrates the benefits that numerous students enjoy every year by joining this business school.

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Promoting student entrepreneurship

At SKEMA, we consider that an entrepreneur is an innovator-transformer  one who innovates and acts to transform industries, organisations, and, more broadly, society.

In our society, growth and wealth creation is largely linked to one’s ability to create new activities — either through new businesses or an undiscovered scope in existing companies. Indeed, existing companies also need entrepreneurs. Globalisation, the digital revolution, breakthrough innovations brought in by start-ups, and changes in consumer behaviour are forcing them to reinvent themselves. To do so,  they need   employees with an entrepreneurial profile, a global vision and a multicultural capacity.
Creating innovative enterprises or activities is now the professional perspective of an increasing number of students. These students expect their school to facilitate and stimulate generation of ideas, and accompany them in the construction, launching, and development of their entrepreneurial project.

This is SKEMA Ventures’ raison d'être.

SKEMA Ventures is dedicated to
student entrepreneurship. It offers a unique value chain that allows each SKEMA student to think, design, test and launch a project in a global context, in six innovative territories on four continents, benefiting from the best of each local ecosystem.

With SKEMA Ventures, GloCal entrepreneurship is born!

— Philippe Chereau, director, SKEMA Ventures
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