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Teaching and training

To increase students' awareness of entrepreneurship and innovation, teaching modules exist in most programmes.

The MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation offered at SKEMA's Sophia Antipolis and Suzhou campuses, is aimed at students who wish to create innovative companies and allow existing companies to innovate in order to develop. The programme brings advanced knowledge on entrepreneurship  and is an incubator in itself that allows students to work in a "startup mode” to prepare the launch of their business.
Additionally, the entrepreneurial track “Programme ID ”, offered as from the L3 academic year helps volunteer students develop an effectual entrepreneurial approach to sustainable innovation.

SKEMA's entrepreneurial team has developed a MOOC called Roadmap to the Entrepreneurial Mindset and Toolkit, comprising 34 modules. This MOOC, which was developed and financed as part of a European programme, is used by students and is also open to the outside world. To date, it has been used as a methodological and practical guide by nearly 8 000 people.
SKEMA also delivers training courses within the framework of executive education. The “Coup de Pousse” seminar, conducted in partnership with Human Ventures, is aimed at companies wishing to develop their capacity for innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit of their teams.
Strategic marketing of innovation is a major challenge of business creation. The ISMA 360° method, created at SKEMA and taught to students, is also the subject of a master class.

Without practice, theory makes little sense... and vice versa.

At SKEMA, we make the quotation from Kurt Lewin "There is nothing so practical as a good theory", our own. So teaching entrepreneurship at SKEMA focuses on maintaining a close link between academic learning and learning-by-doing. 
This is reflected in inter-campus courses that combine academic fundamentals and entrepreneurial challenges such as the Challenge IE, the Hackathon KM, the Défi Innovation, and the Challenge Jeunes Pousses, organised by the Telecom Valley cluster, which brings together management, sciences and law students.

Students also apply their knowledge at the SKEMA Ventures events such as the StarTonic Weekend, Bootstrap, Bootcamp, Booster, or Startup Kafés.


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