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International strategy & development

​​​SKEMA's international orientation is at the heart of its strategic development:  

  • Close to 180 academic partnerships with prestigious universities across the globe
  • A large range of academic programmes at the undergraduate and graduate levels with courses taught exclusively in English
  • Close to 20 double degree partnerships for the Programme Grande Ecole
  • Global accreditations recognizing the international dimension of its programmes and research
  • An international and multicultural composition of its student body and faculty
  • 4 international campuses abroad : in China (Suzhou), the USA (Raleigh, North Carolina), in Brazil (Belo Horizonte), and South Africa (Stellenbosch).
All SKEMA campuses have the same objective: to offer students a multicultural experience combining academic and international professional experiences. 


SKEMA has established programmes delivering a truly global management education. It has established nearly 180 international partnerships all over the world for its business management programmes. In the different programmes, students are also encouraged to study abroad within the framework of Erasmus + (Erasmus mobility) as well as through bilateral exchange agreements. Students also actively obtain international professional experience during their internships, gap year, and after graduation.


SKEMA has signed nearly 180 academic partnership agreements with international universities in nearly 50 different countries to encourage student and faculty mobility, develop research, create joint programmes and double degrees.

Research ​

Research with purpose drives SKEMA’s research policy. We define research with purpose as significant (addressing big societal questions); timely (stakeholders need rapid insights in an increasingly complex world); global (relying on the global reach through SKEMA international campuses); and transferable (through talks and conferences, round-tables, position papers, yearly indicators and intimate exchanges with companies).

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