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Global DBA in Sustainability


The SKEMA Global DBA in Sustainability is a professional doctoral degree with a sustainable business focus aimed at developing research capabilities to solve complex societal and organisational challenges through innovative and sustainable solutions that contribute to a tangible benefit. Our DBA puts special emphasis on developing and strengthening candidates’ capabilities to make a significant and meaningful impact on businesses and/or on society by providing answers to the most current sustainability challenges.  

Programme outline

Today, no significant business decision can be made without taking social, environmental, and sustainability demands into consideration. The ability to make business decisions compatible with sustainability needs is thus a core capability for a leader. The DBA at SKEMA Business School draws on a strong tradition of impactful and excellence in the competitive world of business research and education to foster this capability.

Graduates of the SKEMA Global DBA programme become competent applied researchers that can enhance business practices to create more sustainable organisations for a better future. They gain the ability to influences decisions-making processes not only through the knowledge developed from their research but also through the capability to disseminate this knowledge, the ability to convince relevance audiences, and their capacity to lead and impact necessary discourses.   

The  SKEMA Global DBA is aimed at the best talent in an organisation who aspire to become the senior executives of tomorrow and/or those talents aiming on thought leadership to impact public debates giving them doctoral research-based capabilities to address sustainability challenges. The distinguishing feature of our DBA is the strong focus on solving real-world business problems and identifying new opportunities for significant and lasting impact, especially in the evolving context of societal, economic, and environmental challenges. 

For those talents who aspiring a career in academia, SKEMA Global DBA opens new avenues to contribute their practical and real-life experience enriched through doctoral-level research to the academic mission of all types of universities, business schools and academic institutions.  

Programme aims

The aim of the programme is to increase the talent quotient of its graduates by developing all necessary competencies to address global business challenges, making graduates more attractive and valuable to an existing or future employer. We further support our students to become through their meaningful contribution recognised thought leaders in public discourses. By providing dedicated trainings, our DBA opens doors for a complementary secondary career in higher education as adjunct or visiting professor.


The programme is designed to:

  • Provide doctoral-level research skills for senior managers and executives.

  • Develop capabilities to identify timely solutions to suitability or related challenges from applied research.

  • Provide support to make a meaningful impact by addressing a wide variety of sustainability or related questions. 

  • Develop competencies and new knowledge to help graduates to transform existing business practices towards a sustainable future.

  • Enhance the professional and scientific networks of our students.

The learning outcomes:

  • Identify and frame difficult societal and business challenges.

  • Develop capabilities to solve these challenges and disseminate solutions among different audiences.  

  • Apply doctoral-level management research competencies to make a lasting impact.

  • Design and execute rigorous research linked to business, social and environmental issues.

  • Embrace change and transform organisations as usual to sustainable organisations for tomorrow. 


Why choose this programme:

  • A supervision experience which is supported by the best research faculty in a highly ranked global business school with campuses and research laboratories in all five countries and which is customised to the needs of each individual student in which the supervisor is at times your critic, your coach, and your mentor.

  • The opportunity to learn in a global business and research environment and build an international network of researchers, executives, and leaders in the rapidly growing field of sustainability. 

  • Mentors from world-renowned institutions at the forefront of solving Grand Challenges of today.  

  • A novel pedagogical approach that builds doctoral research competencies combining problem solving, innovation and benefit delivery resulting in a thesis, publishable papers, simulations, software or other research artifacts of value to an organisation.

  • Rigorous focus on making a meaningful and lasting impact to tackle the suitability issues of today. 

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