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​Master in Management programme st​​ructure

Use this diagram to get an overview of the programme structure

FIRST YEAR ("M1" year): 

Management fundamentals consolidation and international mobility (Global Track)
Students reach an advanced level in each main subject (marketing, finance, management, strategy ...) and prepare for their future specialisations. Students may also choose elective courses to individualise their course as well as doing SKEMA DNA courses.

At the end of this year, students may do an optional internship.
For AST2 students or those admitted via the i​nternational entrance processes in the M1 year, two options are available in M1:
  • For students who have previously completed management training courses (marketing, finance, management, economics and management, etc.), an Advanced Business Management semester (on a French campus) may be undertaken followed by a Global Business Environment semester (on the globalised economy) done on our non-French campuses. Students may also choose an in-company semester (in France or abroad).

  • For students who have previously completed a training course in disciplines other than management (law, science, literature, etc.), an Introduction to Business Management semester is undertaken (on a French campus) and an Advanced Business Management semester is undertaken (on all SKEMA campuses). 

  • For AST2 students or those admitted via the international entrance processes in the M1 year may also apply to two-year double degrees programmes in Lille: International Financial Analysis, Business Law, Accounting-Control-Audit.

  • Students may also choose to do a two-year internship (Lille or Paris).

In-company year
The in-company year is optional between the first/M1 and second/M2 years. It allows students to gain work experience in business through two internships of six months each (or more than six months if the internship is done abroad). This makes them immediately operational at the end of their studies. The mission provides students with skills acquisition and the professional approach for success as a graduate.

Students may carry out, in lieu of professional experience, a personal project (under conditions).

SECOND YEAR ("M2" year): 

Specialisation and integration to the world of work
During the second year, students acquire a specialisation. This final-year specialisation and internship are key to employability. 
This year’s teaching and content is entirely in English as part of an MSc (for students enrolled in the “3rd Cycle” programmes and Specialised Masters, teaching is also carried out in French).

Students may do this year on any of SKEMA’s campuses worldwide (one semester or one year), in academic exchange (one semester or one year), as a double degree (“Master 2” with our partners) or in apprenticeship (all French campuses ).

Choice of course
Access to the various choices and courses and specialisation options is done through an allocation process, requiring, where necessary, appropriate selection according to availability.​


SKEMA students enrolled in the International Business or Financial Markets & Investments specialisations in Raleigh who are not American citizens or permanent residents of the USA may apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT). OPT permits eligible students to apply for an Employment Authorisation Document (EAD) allowing them to work in their field of study in the USA for up to 12 months without applying for a new visa. Eligibility requirements: finish their final two semesters in Raleigh and successfully complete all coursework. 

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