​​​A wide range of specialisations

Auditing, Man​agement Accounting and Information Systems​Preparation for careers in internal and external auditing, consulting, management control and information systems. Students acquire the management and research capacities to work as effective managers.​

Corporate Financial Management​Preparation for professions associated with corporate finance and auditing, consultancy for French or international companies, and credit and risk, cash flow, banking operations and financial communication director roles.​​
Belo Horizonte (Brazil),
Suzhou (China)
Financial Markets & Investments​Preparation for the world of financial markets and training in the tools used on trading floors and within financial institutions.​Paris, Sophia​ Antipolis, Raleigh (USA)

International Marketing & Business Development​Training in product and service management, marketing techniques and surveys, brand strategy and innovation. Aimed at students looking for an international career in marketing.

Belo Horizonte (Brazil),

Suzhou (China)

Strategic Event Management & Tourism Management​Trains event specialists (fairs, conferences, incentives) as well as specialists in tourism strategy and tourism marketing, sectors that have experienced dramatic growth over the last ten years. ​Sophia​ Antipolis
Luxury Hospitality
& Innovation​

​Graduates take on various managerial positions in the hospitality sector. Opportunities also exist in distribution companies such as OTAs, and technology companies..

Luxury & Fashion Management​Expert training in design and innovation, brand imagery, communication and advertising in the luxury and fashion sectors.Sophia​ Antipolis, Suzhou (China)

Global Luxury and Management​Opens opportunities to pursue careers in a wide range of fashion and luxury fields. Whilst having a strong  disciplinary base in international luxury brand management

Raleigh (semester 1) / 
Paris ​(semester 2)
International Business​Specialist training in international trade, marketing, finance and strategy. Offers three specialisations, by continent: European Business, Doing Business in Asia, and Doing Business in North America.​
Raleigh (USA),
Belo Horizonte (Brazil),
Suzhou (China)

Entrepreneurship & Innovation​
Training in the mechanisms of innovation and business creation, including: corporate finance, business plan, risk assessment, marketing and the value of innovation.​​Sophia Antipolis, Suzhou
International Human Resources & Performance Management
Training designed to produce rigorous, attentive specialists who are able to combine financial performance and company performance, in a field which has undergone complex changes over the last 10 years.​Paris
Digital MarketingPreparation for professions related to website design, search engine optimisation, benchmarking and e-CRM, as well as strategic roles and project management, quality and risk assessment techniques.Sophia​ Antipolis
Business Consulting & Digital Transformation​Programme balances consulting, project management and information systems management skills. In partnership with Microsoft, SAP, Ernst & Young, PMI France, Amadeus, Cap Gemini, HP, IBM.​Sophia​ Antipolis
Supply Chain & Purchasing​​​Specialist training in supply chain and logistics management, as well as project management, purchasing strategy and negotiating pricing and conditions with international suppliers.​Lille
Project and Programme Management​​​Trains students for management and leadership in the piloting of complex projects in multicultural and international contexts.​

​Lille, Paris, Belo Horizonte (Brazil)

International Strategy & InfluenceOpens vast job opportunities in a wide variety of fields in international business, executive consulting, or national security.Paris
Digital Business, Data Analysis & Management​Conceived by top executives who noticed the increase in demand (and shortage in supply) of graduates with proper understanding of the digital transformation of the global labour market.
MSc Artificial Intelligence for Business Transformation
​This programme trains managers in visual analysis techniques and responds to a pressing need in companies: to train managers capable of understanding and developing AI and of finding new solutions within companies.
​MSc Entrepreneurship & Sustainable Design
Joint degree with The Sustainable Design School. This is a unique hybrid approach that will allow students to make a positive impact on our world by obtaining a double degree from SKEMA and the only design school worldwide focussed on sustainable innovation.
​Sophia Antipolis (and Cagnes sur Mer)

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