MASTER OF SCIENCEAuditing, Management Accounting & Information Systems

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Programme courses


AUTUMN SEMESTER - 30 credits

  • Performance Measurement & Management, 5 credits
  • Audit & Certification of Accounts, 5 credits
  • IFRS Group Accounting, 5 credits
  • Artificial Intelligence Applied to Audit & Management Accounting, 5 credits
  • Internal Audit & Internal Control, 3 credits
  • Integrated Reporting for a Sustainable Global Economy, 3 credits
  • Critical Thinking in Advanced Practice, 3 credits
  • Employability and Career, 1 credit

SPRING SEMESTER - 30 credits

  • Treasury Risk Management, 3 credits
  • Project Management & Innovation
    IT Engineering & Agile Methodology, 3 credits
  • Management Simulation, 3 credits
  • Business Project & Effective Decision Making, 5 credits
  • Innovation, Knowledge Economy & Organisational Change, 3 credits
  • Employability and Career, 1 credit

PROFESSIONAL SPECIALISATION - 1 choice among (12 credits):
  • Management Control (CIMA) 
  • Internal Audit (CIA, IFACI)
  • International Financial Reporting & Auditing
  • Information Systems (CISA)


TOTAL CREDITS, 90 credits

These details are for information only and may be changed by the school without prior notice.

Preparation to certifications

With a view to gaining the high academic and professional levels this course includes preparation for the main professional certifications and diplomas (there's a choice of four specialisations):

  • Management Accounting - CIMA Certificates “Certificate in Business Accounting” and the "Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting”

The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) signed an agreement with SKEMA Business School in September 2006.
Students enrolled in the Masters in Auditing, Management Accounting and Information Systems, can prepare three of CIMA’s examinations (C1, P2 - Performance Management, E2 - Enterprise Management). If they succeed both the programme and all three CIMA examinations as well as the case study under the new syllabus, they will meet the conditions needed to obtain the “Certificate in Business Accounting and Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting”, and will on the route to becoming chartered management accountants. CIMA certifications also help participants gain international recognition.

  • CISA certificate in information systems audit, and practice on SAP
  • External audit


Teaching strategies     

The master of science (MSc) total course duration is 18 months (90 credits ECTS). The programme will comprise 4 months of full-time courses (from September to December), 4 months of full-time internship (from January to April), followed by a second period of full time courses from May to July.
The programme combines a wide range of pedagogical approaches in order to foster the personal and professional development of the participants. They include lectures, on-line support, public speaking, group dynamics, confrontations, and participative methods.
Real-life case studies: newly acquired skills are used to work on real case studies and teams work closely with top management to analyse the industry, company, and specific strategic issues. Then they recommend action plans, and implementations.

A student's point of view

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