MASTER OF SCIENCEBusiness Consulting and Digital Transformation



Business exposure


Professional consulting projects

​From September to March, our partner companies approach our programme to challenge students with the analysis and resolution of the real business issues they are facing. Small teams of stud​ents are assigned to company sponsors as well as professional SKEMA coaches who supervise and ensure the timely delivery of project results to the partner clients. Our students act as consultants and deliver a product that the client considers for their future strategic decisions.

Students are exposed to real consulting situations, with constrained resources, changes of client expectations, team dynamics issues, tight timelines and, at least at the beginning of the project, lack of practical experience on applying project management and business acumen techniques in a challenging situation.

In the past, project sponsoring companies have been multinational consulting and industrial corporations. Sponsored projects have reached from the development of alternative digital platforms up to feasibility studies for the introduction of digital technologies in a consumer goods manufacturer. Often, an excellent project performance has been rewarded with an internship and/or a job offer.

In 2022, these companies participated as project sponsors: Sopra Steria Next, Telekom Austria, Capgemini, Frost & Sullivan, Schneider Electric, and Engie. 

These projects carry six credits.


A four-month (six months for Two-Year MSc students) work experience done at the end of the academic period is required to obtain an MSc degree. Students can get this work experience from an internship placement, an employment contract or a V.I.E. 

Fall intake students can do an internship between the end of the spring semester up to December of the same year. Spring intake students can do an internship between their two academic semesters or after their second semester.

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