MASTER OF SCIENCEEntrepreneurship & Innovation




​​​​​Career opportun​ities  

Entrepreneur, incubator advisor, management consultant, business development manager, business
unit manager, marketing and sales manager or product manager in innovative start-ups, scale-ups
and corporates, venture capital /investment fund advisor.

Recruiting companies 

AEXELE, Airbnb, Amazon, AT&T, Bpifrance, Blue Sapphire Events, Cap Gemini Invent, Cloudkitchen, Comet Meetings, Cryptone, Cubyn, Decathlon, Deloitte, Essilor, Leocare, Leroy Merlin, Jow, Green Working, Groupe Pomona, IbanFirst, Kudoz, Les Sublimeurs, L’Oreal, PayFit, Platinium Group, Reseau Entreprendre, RisingSud, Saguez & Partners, Sopra Steria Next, Too Good to Go, Wecasa, Waze, Zoom.

MSc employment rate​

  • Net employment rate (at six months)​: 83%
  • Average salary after graduation  : 41 0​​00€

Entrepreneurship & Innovation talks

Besides formal classes, students are lucky to listen to testimonies from alumni and successful entrepreneurs and innovators. Previous speakers have included for example the co-founder of Inside Secure, The head of Intrapreneurship at Amadeus, Gunter Pauli, The co-founder of Good Eggs, the co-founder of AppNexus, an Innovation Director of Engie, the co-founder of EcoTree etc.​

Some alumni

Alexandre-Bonneau-210px.jpgAlexandre Bonneau, 2018 graduate

"​The Msc Entrepreneurship & Innovation, what a surprise! I learned a lot of things, from different perspectives. Its format is interesting, one semester purely entrepreneurial and another more consulting oriented, both with concrete group work that allowed me not only to have the tools to understand how to be a good entrepreneur but also to take a step back and make the right choices. In addition, as I had a personal project, on a large part of the group work my project was used as an example. These challenges opened my mind and really made me pivot! My Parisian BtoC project became a Pan-African BtoB project. Finally, I knew I had an entrepreneurial mind, I understood that more than a job, it was a passion, I realize that this master’s degree allowed me to think differently, through different angles. My job is to find problems, and to solve them while making sure that there is a viable market. Right after my post-MSc experience, which allowed me to validate my degree, I was able to create a structure that in less than two years, operates in 15 countries. I have no limits, I am always more ambitious and I want to create the Africa of tomorrow. I am part of the Forbes Africa 30 Under 30 family.​"


Camille Ferry, 2018 graduate, Talent Acquisition Manager – Cubyn

"There are several advantages to joining a scale-up company: first, scale-up roles are often more comprehensive and versatile than roles offered in larger, more segmented organizations. For a young graduate, it’s a career accelerator. Internal mobility is also easier there, and salaries are attractive. SKEMA prepares its students to develop a strategic mind, versatility and adaptability which are essential in scale-up."

Romain-Thevenet-210px.jpgRomain Thevenet, 2017 graduate, Global Supply Operations – Airbnb

"SKEMA provides training for this very special working environment of scale-ups: through our various courses; theoretical and practical, we have been able to collaborate directly with fast-growing companies, allowing us to deal with scenarios that scale-ups encounter."

Simon-Tort-210px.jpgSimon Tort, graduate 2018, Account Executive – Zoom

"The stories of these entrepreneurs who, from their garage, knew how to give life to brilliant ideas and create technological empires that change the world and  shake up our habits.
It is for these reasons that I naturally turned to the MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation program to understand moreclosely the mechanisms and formulas for success of these
companies. I think what is interesting about joining a scale-up right after our
studies could be summed up in the word “growth”.


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