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​Career opportunities

Students are trained to work in a wide range of core luxury, premium and luxury support sectors across the world. The majority of graduates are recruited in marketing and sales related positions in the field of personal luxury goods (fashion, accessories, fragrances, cosmetics, watches and jewellery) as well as in experiential luxury (gastronomy, hospitality, wine and spirits, travel, home design) and luxury transportation (air, land, sea).

Companies and brands that recruit an​d provide internships

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MSc em​ployment survey

  • Net employment rate (at six months)​:  100 %.
  • Average salary after graduation  : 51 000€
  • 20% work outside of their home country​
  • Business areas students choose to work in :​  Luxury & Hospitality Sales & Distribution Media Consulting, Engineering​​

Testimonial about Talent & Careers

Maëlle Barrere, student at SKEMA


"I achieved my goals thanks to the personalised coaching I received from qualified professionals. 

was referred to the Talent & Careers team to get professional advice regarding my CV, cover letter and the steps I needed to succeed with my professional ambitions. During our frequent exchanges, we defined a personalised strategy in line with my expectations. 

I have found an internship in a company with great values and I want to thank the Talent & Careers team for their precious advice."


SKEMA Talent & Careers

The Talent & Careers department will guide you to make your career ambitions become a reality.

  • A specific coaching programme is offered to you as soon as you join an MSc. You will be able to:

  • Participate in workshops and specific webinars on topics such as salary negotiation or the soft and hard skills required for your target position and future professional environment 

  • Benefit from personalised advice from our career consultants.

  • Access cutting-edge tools / resources to facilitate your professional future, help you develop your skills, and better define your profile

  • Get noticed by recruiters by participating in our corporate events and completing your profile on job boards

For more information check our Talent & Career pages

SKEMA's graduates: a powerful, worldwide network

As an MSc student, you will become a member of SKEMA Alumni, a network of more than 54,000 graduates in key positions in more than 145 countries around the world. You will benefit from the numerous services that will help you to promote business opportunities, meetings and professional development.

For more information, check out our SKEMA Alumni network pages.

Alumni careers so far
(these testimonials were collected in December 2017)


MSc Global Luxury and Management graduate
MSc Global Luxury and Management graduate
MSc Global Luxury and Management graduate
MSc Global Luxury and Management graduate
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