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Courses by campus and sem​ester

(all courses are listed in this page)

First semester - Starting Aug/September

Common core courses (and campus)

  • Importing and Exporting in a Global Market (Incoterms) (Suzhou, Raleigh, Brazil, Paris, Cape Town)

  • International Project Management (Suzhou, Raleigh, Brazil, Paris, Cape Town)

  • Internationalisation of the Firm (with local firms) (Suzhou, Raleigh, Brazil, Paris, Cape Town)

Specific courses (and campus)

  • Consulting in International Business Development (Raleigh)

  • Managing Multicultural Teams (Paris, Cape Town)

  • International Marketing Management (Paris, Cape Town)

  • Global Supply Chain Management (Suzhou)

  • International Entrepreneurship (Suzhou)

  • Globalisation: Risks, Challenges and Opportunities for Latin America (Brazil)

  • Global Leadership: a Brazilian Perspective (Brazil)

  • The Geopolitics of Africa (Cape Town)

(two to be chosen in Paris, Suzhou and Brazil; one elective to be chosen in Raleigh)
  • Geopolitics of World Business (Raleigh, Suzhou)

  • Global Stakeholders Management (Raleigh, Paris)

  • Balanced Scorecard for Strategy Execution (Raleigh)

  • Open Innovation for Global Entrepreneurs (Paris)

  • The Geopolitics of Europe  (Paris)

  • Cultural Aspects of Business (Suzhou)

  • Go-to-Market Strategy for Latin America (Brazil)

  • Environment, Sustainability and Development in Latin America (Brazil)

  • Marketing to Chinese Customers (Suzhou)

  • Research Methods: prerequisite for thesis (all campuses)

Special topic (Raleigh campus)
  • Cross-Cultural Competencies (Raleigh)

Language and Career
  • Employability and Career 1 (all campuses)

  • Languages (all campuses)

Total semester one: 30 credits

Second semester - starting January (and campus)

(see below for Raleigh's Marketing Analytics track)

Common core courses (and campus)

  • International Finance (Suzhou, Raleigh IT&BD track, Paris, Cape Town )

  • International Business Simulation: SKEMA sim (Suzhou, Raleigh IT&BD track, Paris)

  • Global Product Development and Management (Raleigh IT&BD track, Cape Town )

  • International Human Resources Management (Paris, Cape Town)

Courses with a local perspective (and campus)

  • Advanced Strategy (Suzhou, Raleigh IT&BD track, Paris, Cape Town)

  • US Perspectives on Business Law (Raleigh IT&BD track)

  • European Legal Issues for Business (Paris)

  • China Legal Issues for Business (Suzhou)

Specific courses
  • International Technolology Management (Raleigh IT&BD track)

  • Management in International Environment from a Chinese Perspective (Suzhou) 

  • New Business Models: Internet Applications in Business with a focus in China (Suzhou)

  • Global Sustainability Issues (Cape Town)

(one to be chosen in Paris; two to be chosen in Suzhou)
  • International Management (Raleigh IT&BD track) 

  • Risk & Crisis Management for Global Businesses (Raleigh IT&BD track, Paris)

  • Negotiation Practice (Suzhou, Raleigh IT&BD track, Paris, Cape Town)

  • Company Failure and Renewal in China (Suzhou)

  • Cross-cultural Communication and Leadership (Suzhou)

  • Doing Business in Africa (Cape Town)

  • International Corporate Governance (Paris, Cape Town)

  • Effectual Logic and Operational Applications (Paris)

Global Training Initiative course / Special topic 2 for returning students
  • Cross-cultural Competencies (Raleigh IT&BD track)

Language and Career
  • Employability and Career 2 (Suzhou, Raleigh, Belo Horizonte, Paris)

  • French or Chinese or Portuguese (Suzhou, Raleigh, Brazil, Paris)

Raleigh semester 2, Marketing Analytics track

Business process
  • Customer Analytics and Relationship Management

  • Marketing Management in the Global Environment

  • Global Digital Marketing

  • International Business Simulation: Skema SIM

Global analytics
  • Social Media Marketing and Web Analytics

Electives (choose one)
  • Marketing Analytics

  • Programming for Analytics

Global training initiative course / special topic for returning students
  • Cross-Cultural Competencies

  • International Business Development Strategies for Innovative Technology Companies

Language and career
  • Employability and Career 2

  • Languages

Semester two: 30 credits

Dissertation (30 credits) (all tracks)

These details are for information only and may be changed by the school without prior notice.

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