MSc International Human Resources & Performance Management



Programme courses


Courses by semester & credits


   > Mandatory courses
  • Globalisation and HRM: The Cultural Impact on People and Organisations, 3 credits
  • Employability & Career, 1 credit
   > Module 1: Fundamentals of HRM
  • HRM: Fundamentals of Organisational Structures, 2 credits
  • Advanced Organisational Behaviour, 2 credits

   > Module 2: International HRM
  • Managing HR and Careers in International Organisations, 3 credits

   > Module 3: Performance Management
  • Managing Individual & Collective Performance Systems, 3 credits
  • Recruitment Techniques, 2 credits

   > Module 4: Learning, Knowledge, Change
  • Personal and Professional Development for the HR Manager, 3 credits

   > Module 5: Contemporary issues in HRM, 8 credits
  • Strategic Human Resource Management, 3 credits
  • CSR and Business Performance, 2 credits


   > Mandatory courses
  • Collaborative Management, Innovation and Creativity, 3 credits
  • Employability & Careers, 1 credit
   > Module 1: Fundamentals of HRM
  • Comparative Labour Law, 4 credits
   > Module 2: International HRM
  • International Employment Relations, 3 credits
  • Benefits & Compensation in International Organisations​, 2 credits
   > Module 3: Performance Management
  • HR Metrics & the Balanced Scorecard​, 3 credits
  • Information Systems for HRM, 2 credits

   > Module 4: Learning, Knowledge, Change
  • Designing Innovative Learning/Learning For The 21st Century, 2 credits
  • Organisational Development & Change Management, 2 credits

   > Module 5: Contemporary issues in HRM
  • Workforce Management & Talent Management, 4 credits
  • Quality of Life at Work, 2 credits

Dissertation*, 30 credits

  • Risk & Crisis Management
    or: French Training Law (taught in French), 2 credits
TOTAL credits (courses: 60 + thesis: 30), 90 credits
* Students must write an MSc dissertation on a subject of personal interest or a field in which they would like to work. The dissertation project gives students the opportunity to become expert in one specific aspect of human resources management/organisational behaviour. Students are encouraged to choose a dissertation project linked to their internship, thus demonstrating expertise in a particular area of HR to any future employer.
These details are for information only and may be changed by the school without prior notice.

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