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Programme courses


​​Supply chain master's programme courses

The MSc covers the whole span of supply chain activities from planning, purchasing, receiving, production, storage to delivery through compulsory courses, and six elective courses and specific projects. It is designed with a progressive shift from theory to practice.

​Specific courses are structured around project-based learning, where students do projects in companies in order to deal with real-life supply chains and purchasing issues.

Course calendar


Courses by semester​

​Semester 1

  • ​Supply Chain Analytics SC0 (MIT), 3 credits

  • Supply Chain Fundamentals: Forecasting, Inventory and Transportation SC1 (MIT), 4 credits

  • Supply Chain Dynamics: Systems, Processes, Global SCM and Risk SC3 (MIT), 4 credits

  • Strategic Procurement, 3 credits

  • Advanced Supply Chain Risk Management, 1 credit

  • Company and Supply Chain Strategy, 1 credit

  • Career Management 1, 1 credit

  • Research Methods 1, 1 credit

Elective courses (choose 3)
  • Supply Chain Scandals, Shitstorms, Ethical problems and UN Global Compact, 1 credit

  • Supplier Relationship Management (SRM), 1 credit

  • Blockchain in Supply Chains, 1 credit

  • Leadership, Resilience and Supply Chain Disruptions, 1 credit

  • Leadership and Culture in the Military and International Ccorporate Supply Chain Context, 1 credit

  • End 2 End Supply Chain Innovation, 1 credit

  • Agile Project Management in Supply Chains, 1 credit

  • Leadership, Career, Values and Purpose, 1 credit

  • Procurement Consulting & Value Chain Partnering​, 1 credit​


​​​Semester 2 ​​

  • Supply Chain Design: Design, Finance and Sourcing SC2 (MIT), 4 credits

  • Supply Chain Technology and Systems: IT, Systems and Data SC4 (MIT), 4 credits

  • Big Data and Applied Data Analytics in Supply Chain Management, 2 credits

  • Operations Management, 3 credits

  • Purchasing Negotiation, 1 credit

  • Leading Global Teams, 1 credit

  • Sustainability and Climate Change in Supply Chains, 1 credit

  • Global Supply Chains, 1 credit

  • Advanced Supply Chain Finance, 1 credit

  • Career Management, 1 credit

​Elective courses (choose 3)
  • MIP Milano (Internet of things?), 1 credit

  • Sustainability Leadership, 1 credit

  • Conflict Management and Storytelling for Job Interviews & Management, 1 credit​

  • E-Commerce, 1 credit

  • Digital Transformation and Capabilities, 1 credit

  • Bionic Procurement and Sustainability, 1 credit

  • Procurement and Supply Chain Consulting, 1 credit

  • Impacting People, 1 credit​




The details above are for information only and may be changed by the school without prior notice.​

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