MASTER OF SCIENCESupply Chain Management & Purchasing

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Programme courses


Programme s​​​tructure

  • Academic year: eight months
  • Internship / dissertation: four to six months
  • Rhythm: eight months of classes followed by four to six months in a company
The MSc covers the whole span of supply chain activities from planning, purchasing, receiving, production, storage to delivery through nine compulsory courses, and six elective courses and specific projects.
It is designed with a progressive shift from theory to practice.
Specific courses are structured around project-based learning, where students do projects in companies in order to deal with real-life supply chains and purchasing issues.

Courses by semester & credits 


  Mandatory courses, 20 credits
  • Supply Chain Strategy, 4 credits

  • Introduction to Purchasing & SC Risk Management, 3 credits

  • Pre-requisites of Procurement and Purchasing Finance, 2 credits

  • Advanced Sourcing, 4 credits

  • Transportation & International Logistics, 4 credits

  • Big Data and Business Intelligence, 6 credits

  • Personal and Professional Development, 1 credit

  • Green Supply Chain & Reverse Logistics, 2 credits

  Elective courses - two courses to be chosen among
  • Supplier Relationship Management, 2 credits

  • Research Methods, 2 credits

  • Managerial & Communication Skills, 2 credits

  • Master Class in Purchasing, 2 credits

TOTAL, Semester 1: 30 credits

  Mandatory courses, 22 credits
  • Prince2® certification

  • Supply Chain & Purchasing Audit, 4 credits

  • Purchasing Negotiation, 3 credits

  • Lean Manufacturing - Six Sigma, 6 credits

  • Fundamentals of Production Planning, 5 credits

  • E-commerce & Operations, 5 credits

  • Personal and Professional Development, 1 credit

  • Strategy & Business Model, 2 credits

  Elective courses - two courses to be chosen among
  • SCOR, 2 credits

  • Finance in the Value Chain, 2 credits

  • Advanced Managerial & Communication Skills, 2 credits

TOTAL Semester 2: 30 credits

 Dissertation, 30 credits

90 credits in total for the year


The details above are for information only and may be changed by the school without prior notice.​
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