​​​Programme details 

(all courses taught in English) 
The courses of study on the French and international campuses are all similar. They are, however, localised to the European, Chinese, South American and North American perspectives concerning: courses taught, local professors, and specific courses (languages, culture). This localisation is relevant to the continent/campus.

Prerequisites and refresher courses:
  • Geopolitics, 1 credit
  • Economics, 1 credit
  • Elective course (choose one of the following:  English, Digital Literacy, Excel, Marketing, or Finance), 2 credits

Core courses:  
  • Global Knowledge Economy Talent Seminar, 3 credits
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation, 3 credits
  • Geo-economics, 3 credits
  • Corporate Finance, 4 credits
  • Marketing, 3 credits
  • Management 1 – Human Resources, 4 credits
  • Languages (choose one from a selection of 6), 2 credits
  • Employability & Career, 1 credit

Academy profile courses (choose one of the two courses below):
  • Global Leadership and Team Dynamics, 3 credits
  • Entrepreneurship Project, 3 credits


Prerequisites and refresher courses (choose two courses):
  • Introductory Marketing, 1 credit
  • Introductory Finance, 1 credit
  • Excel, 2 credits
  • Accounting/Finance, 2 credits
  • Management Principles and Practices, 2 credits
  • Well Being and Quality of Life at Work, 2 credits
  • Information Design for Presentations, 2 credits

Core courses:  
  • Design Thinking, 3 credits
  • International Finance, 4 credits
  • International Marketing, 3 credits
  • Information Systems, 3 credits
  • Management 2 – Ethics & Governance, 3 credits
  • Strategy, 4 credits
  • Languages (choose one from a selection of six), 2 credits
  • Employability & Career, 1 credit

Specialisation track courses
  • Management track: Change and Crisis Management, 3 credits
  • Marketing track: International Negotiation, 3 credits
  • Finance Track: Financial Modelling and Econometrics
  • Business and Strategy track: Digital Transformation & Strategy, 3 credits

The first year of the Two-Year MSc is worth a total of 60 credits and is taught over one year.
To validate the first year of the Two-Year MSc programme and progress to the final year specialisation, a student must:
     > Obtain 60 ECTS credits
     > Obtain a GPA of 2 / 4.33 minimum
The choice for the MSc specialisation must be taken before starting the Two-Year MSc
The above details are for information only and may be changed by the school without prior notice.


SKEMA students enrolled in the International Business or Financial Markets & Investments specialisations in Raleigh who are not American citizens or permanent residents of the USA may apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT). OPT permits eligible students to apply for an Employment Authorisation Document (EAD) allowing them to work in their field of study in the USA for up to 12 months without applying for a new visa. Eligibility requirements: finish their final two semesters in Raleigh and successfully complete all coursework. 

More information about OPT and other options to work temporarily in the USA
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