​​​Programme details 

(all courses taught in English) 
No matter which SKEMA campus you choose, academic courses are similar. However, at SKEMA’s Raleigh campus in the USA, the first year of the Two-Year MSc is adapted to its local environment: course structure, local professors, and cultural framework.

Core courses (22 credits):

  • Strategy, 4 credits

  • Corporate Finance, 4​ credits

  • Marketing Studies, 3 credits

  • AI in Business Contexts​, 2 credits

  • Languages (one from a selection of six), 2 credits

  • Key Skills for Corporate Transition, 2 credits​

  • Excel Fundamentals and Applications, 2 credits

  • Python programming, 2 credits

  • Career Management, 1 credits

​Specialisation track courses (follow your specialisation track + one additional specialisation course (8 credits)
  • Finance track:
    Financial Reporting and Analysis, 4 credits
    Financial Markets Analysis, 4 credits 

  • Marketing track:
    Digital Marketing, 4 credits
    Luxury Marketing, 4 credits

  • Business Strategy & Management track:
    Digital Business, 4 credits
    Leadership and communication, 4 credits


Core courses (22 credits):
  • International Finance, 5 credits
  • International Marketing, 3 credits
  • Corporate Social Responsibility, 3 credits
  • Entrepreneurship, 3 credits
  • Power BI Fundamentals, 2​ credits
  • Low-code Hackathon, 3 credits
  • Languages (choose one from a selection of six), 2 credits
  • Career Management, 1 credit

Specialisation track courses (follow your specialisation track + one additional specialisation course (8 credits)
  • Management track: Essential Negotiation Skills, 4 credits

  • Marketing track: Design Marketing​, 4 credits​​

  • Finance track: Quantitative Finance and Modelling, 4 credits

  • Business and Strategy track: Organisational Development, 4 credits


At SKEMA campuses outside of France, students will follow Master in Management, Grande École programme M1 courses and receive equivalency credits that will be applied to their DESMI1 Two-year MSc programme.​

The first year of the Two-Year MSc is worth a total of 60 credits and is taught over one year.
To validate the first year of the Two-Year MSc programme and progress to the final year specialisation, a student must:
  • Obtain 60 ECTS credits
  • Have a work placement or professional experience of at least two months. If the professional experience is not
    completed by the end of year one, a six-month work experience will be required at the end of year two.
The above details are for information only and may be changed by the school without prior notice.

The choice for the MSc specialisation must be taken before starting the Two-Year MSc
Students may start their first year in a campus and switch to another campus, where their MSc specialisation is available, for the second year. During the second year of the Two-Year MSc programme, you may begin your specialisation on one campus and if your specialisation exists on another campus, then you will be able to change campuses for the final semester.

Exception for MSc Financial Markets & Investments: both semesters must be done on the same campus.


SKEMA students enrolled in the International Business or Financial Markets & Investments specialisations in Raleigh who are not American citizens or permanent residents of the USA may apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT). OPT permits eligible students to apply for an Employment Authorisation Document (EAD) allowing them to work in their field of study in the USA for up to 12 months without applying for a new visa. Eligibility requirements: finish their final two semesters in Raleigh and successfully complete all coursework. 

More information about OPT and other options to work temporarily in the USA

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