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BBA in International Business

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BBA in International Business

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SKEMA Business School is a global institution with French roots. We offer 70+ degree programs highly ranked throughout the world by multiple international organizations, including the Financial Times, Forbes, and The Economist. SKEMA’s culture fosters the development of future management leaders and global citizens.

A 4-year degree with global study 

SKEMA's BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) in International Business offers students practical business knowledge, an innovative curriculum, and an internationally immersive experience. With campuses in 5 different countries, students receive a truly global business education.

The intercultural experience of all our campuses combined with a year of studying abroad strengthens our students' perspective, expertise, and knowledge.  They finish their program in 4 years and have the opportunity to earn a second degree at one of our partner institutions.

BBA in International Business

Course structure

Students in the international business major acquire global expertise.

Not only are they taught the fundamentals of management, marketing and finance, but are also exposed to the fields of politics and economics in an international context. Students are equipped to apply appropriate business models at different workplaces and taught how to deal with legal issues. They also learn about sustainable development of businesses in a globalized world. The intercultural experience and mandatory international mobility strengthen students’ professional background, expertise and knowledge.
The BBA in International Business diploma is worth 120 US credits divided between general education courses, courses of management, courses with an international dimension and specialized courses that build expertise over the four years of study.

The BBA curriculum includes 10 courses of each of the following categories:

General education: These courses insure that students gain a broad-based understanding of the global socially and ethically responsible environment in developing critical thinking and communication skills (Foreign language / Business and Economic Calculus /Consumer Computer Applications, Science, Business and Professional Writing…)

Management fundamentals: In addition to general education requirements, students complete 30 credit hours of core business fundamentals, thus establishing a solid foundation of common knowledge required to successfully assume responsibilities across disciplines in both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors (Principles of Modern Management / Business Law/ Marketing Principle…)

Global skills: As they progress to the third BBA year, students will be challenged with a diverse array of subjects extending from the sciences to public speaking, to hot topics such as corporate & social responsibility and innovation, to contemporary legal issues that underpin corporate viability. They will have access to business courses specific to the study location (Legal Issues in the US, Doing Business in the US, Marketing to US Customers, Entrepreneurship and Innovation...)

Specialization and electives: This represents a selection of advanced courses in international business that help students acquiring specific knowledge and developing skills in relation to their professional projects in order to enhance their career path: International Financial Management / International Negotiation / Project Management / International Strategy... Students will also complete at least one capstone project in international business or entrepreneurship that integrate contemporary global topics.​

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