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​​Governance where territories, companies and international are the key words

SKEMA was created in 2009 by the merger between ESC Lille (1892) and CERAM Business School of Nice - Sophia Antipolis (1963).


The school’s governance is structured around a Board of Directors and a General Assembly of 10 members from the historical north-of-France and south-of-France territories of the school and important graduates working in international, high-profile companies that reflect SKEMA’s DNA (globalisation, entrepreneurship, digital):

  • Frédéric Allard, European technical director & institution head, IBM; Jean-Pierre Savarino, chairman and CEO of Studiel, president of the French Riviera Chamber of Commerce, representing the historical founders of the PACA region in the south.
  • Edouard Roquette, chairman of the Board of Directors, Roquette SA (SKEMA 1987) and Marc Verly, director general of Entreprises and Cities and director general of the Regional Development Institute of Hauts de France, representing the founders of the Hauts-de-France region
  • Didier Bonnet, executive vice president & global practice leader, Capgemini consulting (SKEMA 1983)
  • Jean-Philippe Courtois, EVP and president, Microsoft Global Sales, Marketing & Operations (SKEMA 1983)
  • Pierre-Antoine Dusoulier, chairman and chief executive officer, Ibanfirst (SKEMA 2001
  • Véronique Gautier, managing director Giorgio Armani Parfums et Beauté, L'Oréal (SKEMA 1983)
  • Géraldine Le Meur, partner & founder, The Refiners (SKEMA 1995)
  • Olivier Dufour, executive director, Page Personnel Brussels & president of the Association of Graduates of SKEMA (SKEMA 2001)

The chairman of the Board of Directors of SKEMA is Jean-Philippe Courtois (SKEMA 1983) - president, Global Sales, Marketing and Operations Department of Microsoft.

 Jean-Philippe Courtois chairman of the Board of Directors

General management of SKEMA Business School is provided by Alice Guilhon


 The strategic work of the Board of Directors is informed by the recommendations of two advisory bodies: the International Advisory Board (IAB) and the Research Advisory Committee (RAC), made up of influential academic and corporate actors.

The International Strategic Committee

Composed of international personalities from the worlds of academia and business, the International Strategic Committee provides analysis and advice in order to inform the Board of Directors and the General Management of SKEMA on international strategic development: Opening of new campuses, evolution of the portfolio of foreign partners, positioning and visibility of the offer of programmes abroad. Members are:
  • Chairman: Didier Bonnet, senior vice-president, Global Head of Practices, Capgemini Consulting (SKEMA 1983)
  • Michael Osbaldeston, dean and emeritus professor of Cranfield School of Management (UK), associate director Quality Services (EFMD)
  • David Parcerisas, president of the Board - EADA (Spain)
  • David Saunders, dean Queen's School of Business (Canada)
  • Dr Xiaobo Wu, dean, School of Management, Zhejiang University (China)
  • Ira Weiss, former dean and professor of Poole College of Management - NCSU (USA)
  • Dr. Eugènia Bieto Caubet, director general of ESADE (Spain)


The Strategic Research Committee


This committee is made up of renowned researchers. It provides analyses and recommendations to the Board of Directors and the General Management of the school for the development and implementation of the scientific policy of SKEMA: strategy and positioning of research, evaluation of production, policy collaboration, incentive policy. It is composed of:

  • Audra Boone, TCU - Neeley School of Business (USA)
  • Eileen Fischer, Schulich School of Business - York University (Canada)
  • Tomi Laamanen, University of St Gallen (Switzerland)
  • George Yip, Imperial College London (UK)
  • Kathleen Wantz, KEOLIS SA, PARIS (FR)
  • Dr Helen Bollaert, dean for Research, SKEMA Business School

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