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Brand identity

The graphic elements, visuals, and words we use every day to talk about SKEMA Business School form the basis of our brand identity within our community and far beyond. Our brand identity plays an essential role in building brand awareness and credibility. The graphic identity, embodied here by our graphic guidelines, is a tangible representation of our mission, values, and commitment to academic excellence.  

SKEMA’s Graphic Guidelines are based on:  

  • ​The brand's communication heritage  
  • The brand's DNA  
  • Current graphic trends - being in tune with the times without being 'fashionable'.  

The visual identity of the territory is based on a graphic style that combines a sober approach and simplicity (less is more), with a strong emphasis on the school's signature visuals: the symbol of a "world according to SKEMA" – an imaginary city that would bring together in a single place the best of the five continents where we are present. We are inventing the global city of tomorrow and its name is SKEMAPOLIS. 

Applying the SKEMA Graphic Guidelines ensures consistency and uniformity in all our communications, whether it’s through our printed materials, website, social networks, or any other distribution channel. It is a visual language that speaks of who we are, what we represent, and the quality of education we offer. 

Logos and uses 

A close-up of a logo

Colour logo for use on white background only. Download the logo.  

White logo for use on dark or coloured backgrounds only. Download the logo.  

Black logotype for use on a light background only. Download the logo



Please use the SKEMA logo as it is provided and never modify its appearance (do not modify the colours, do not crop it, do not isolate letters, do not distort it, etc.). ​


SKEMA has only three brand colours: Beige #F1ECE1 / Red gradient #E7433C - #BF0030 / Charcoal black #252525 


Brand brochure 

 Mascot, Leon the SKAMELEON 

In 2019, SKEMA launched a major competition within the student community to create the first mascot in SKEMA's history. Roxane Ricros (SKEMA 2021) and Arthur Cavrois-Foucaut (SKEMA 2021) proposed a mascot capable of representing SKEMA as a whole (multi-campus). Thus, Léon the SKAMELEON was born and is now a unifying character at SKEMA Business School. 

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