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SKEMA Podcast - "Makes Sense?"


A movie, an event, a piece of art, a trend, a superhero (or a supervillain)... Pop culture can help us easily comprehend an a priori complex topic. 

From management to law, from marketing to finance, SKEMA's "Makes Sense?" podcast will enable you to explore current social issues through pop culture —an element that unites us all — with the help of the professors and experts of the SKEMA community.

Welcome to Makes Sense? : A leap in pop culture to explore societal challenges.

Episode 1
Could Darth Vader have invoked self-defence?
Episode 2
James Bond: why does luxury never die?
Episode 3
The Lord of the Rings: how to turn artificial intelligence into a weapon of mass creation?
Episode 4
Game of Thrones: how can we still wage war today?
Harry Potter: just like magic, will money disappear?
Peter Pan and climate scepticism: why do people act like children?
Zidane/Materazzi: why do brands play with our emotions?
Episode 8
Asterix: does multiculturalism mean giving up your own identity?
Episode 9
Beyoncé: One is not born a leader, but becomes one
"The Godfather: How to survive the corporate life"
Friends: Would Joey, Rachel, Chandler & co. have been friends in the age of social media?


In 2023, "Makes Sense?" won the Silver Award at the Grand Prix Stratégies de la Communication 2023's podcast category.

Read our news article to learn more.

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