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SKEMA Centre for Artificial Intelligence - 2021-2022 Seminar Series

Challenges of Managing Human-Centric AI in a Speeded-Up Digital Platform Ecosystem World

: April 1, 2022
Time: 12pm – 1:30pm
Prof. Omar El Sawy, Kenneth King Stonier Chair in Business Administration, Professor of Information Systems, USC Marshall School of Business, Los Angeles, California
Discussant - Eric Farro, Eco system and Business Developer – Orange

Abstract: Digital platform ecosystems are pervading multiple industries and bring with them new properties, new business models, and new organisational strategies. The associated high connectivity and rapid information exchange is speeding up the tempo of business, and this is being further fueled by the use of AI applications.  This talk will highlight the role of AI in a speeded-up digital platform ecosystem world, and will focus on the challenge of managing human-centric AI in this context, and the rising importance of managing well-being in addition to managing well-doing. We will also highlight emerging research issues and questions that require more of our attention going forward. More information.

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Smart tools for creative graphics

: April 29, 2022
Time: 12pm – 1:30pm ; Room 3.204

Prof. Ariel Shamir, Reichman University
Discussant: Mihir Sarkar, Chief Data Officer - ENGIE Digital

Abstract: Powerful computer applications today allow manipulating and fabricating digital objects in unimaginable ways. 

However, these tools are often sophisticated and very difficult to use. "One of the challenges in graphics  and design today is to create simpler tools that allow even novice users to use computers more naturally for photographs and 3D objects manipulations. In this talk I will present several such efforts that use AI methods to allow users to concentrate on creativity while designing. The key factor in all these works is utilising humans specifically for semantic, high-level tasks that are simple for them but extremely difficult for machines, while utilising the machine and AI for tasks that are harder and tedious for humans."

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How AI and digital technologies intended to unify organization divide: Insights from a native digital firm

: June 20, 2022 | Time: 12pm -  1:30pm | Location: Room 3.216, Grand Paris campus
Prof. Gianvito Lanzolla, Professor of Strategy, Bayes Business School
Discussant: Youssef Horchani - Data Science Consultant EQUANCY

"Based on a real time longitudinal study, we show how Top Management Team (TMT)'s actions and controls based on AI operating on data from low cost recognition markers in high visibility environments foster employees’ behaviours that diverge significantly from the intended behaviours by the top management team (TMT). We identify three types of deviant behaviours: (a) for ingratiation, (b) for social exchange, (c) and for outright favour exchanges. Together, these uses create a new market for exchanges inside the organisation that is largely hidden from the awareness and control of top managers. We discuss the implications for organisational culture and TMT interventions." More infomation

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The Future of Customer Engagement, Driven by AI

: July 26, 2022

Abstract : This round table is sponsored by the Association of National Advertisers, it focuses on the future of customer engagement driven by AI. It was led hand in hand with the "Festival de la créativité de Cannes Lions" and co-animated with professor Yoram Wind (Wharton) and Jerry Dischler (VP Google Ads US)
Location: META - Hudson Yards, New York

Future if AI

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