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SKEMA Centre for Artificial Intelligence - Overview


Margherita Pagani

Head of SKEMA Centre for Artificial intelligence

The SKEMA Centre for Artificial Intelligence aims to:

  • Investigate and guide the economic, societal, and ethical value generated by Human Centric AI systems for business.
  • Develop and improve AI techniques and algorithms with a view to solving specific business problems, but with wide-ranging applicability.

The research centre adopts a interdisciplinary perspective based on the collaboration between social scientists, AI researchers, and engineers to develop the know-how to explore business opportunities driven by AI.

SKEMA Centre for Artificial Intelligence has signed a partnership agreement with the Berkeley APEC Study Centre (BASC)​ at the University of California Berkeley to explore the impact of AI on business, society and regulations.

Research Themes

We explore how AI Systems interact and collaborate with people to enhance human abilities and empower both individual and society creating sustainable value at four different levels:

  • Business value: how AI becomes part of the products themselves, improves performance across the value chain, or enables ecosystems and collaboration with new markets.

  • Ethical value: how to foster explicability and responsible AI to guarantee social fairness in respect of human freedoms and dignity.

  • Societal value: how AI contributes to environmental sustainability, encourages a new social contract based on accountability.

  • Algorithmic value: developing AI techniques and algorithms with increasingly superior performance while attending to the explainability of such techniques to assure that the other kinds of value can be enabled.

Through this Research Centre, we want to analyse the impact of Artificial Intelligence on a broad range of business and management subjects (ranging from finance, marketing, strategy, to innovation and entrepreneurship) and cover a multitude of different sectors (such as education, energy, health care, public administration, banks, insurance, retail, tourism, and luxury) offering guidance to organisations on how to best use AI for sustainable value creation.


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