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This interactive brochure provides information about a large number of French and international scholarships available for students going to study on SKEMA's bachelor and master degree programmes.
There's also information on the scholarships awarded by SKEMA Business School.
Each scholarship listed includes a full description, eligibility criteria, the amount of the grant available, the application process and contact details for each organisation.
French Embassies worldwide also offer support for international students to study in France.  You can find information below or on the web by searching for ‘French Embassy’ and insert your country of residence.

Tuition f​ees

  • MSc in one year: €18,000 
  • MSc Artificial Intelligence for Business Transformation: €25,000
  • MSc Entrepreneurship and Design for Sustainability : €25,000
  • MSc Global Luxury and Management: €35,000 
  • MSc Financial Markets & Investments: €25,000 
  • MSc Product Management & UX Design: €25,000
  • MSc Global Supply Chain Management & Procurement: €25,000
  • MSc Luxury & Fashion Management: €21,000 
  • MSc Strategic Management & Consulting​: €25,000​​
  • Triple Master: LOYOLA X SKEMA X LMU: $45,000 (dollars)
  • Academic Diploma Program Digital Marketing and Business & Management of Entertainment: €35,000 (this one-year option is only available for SKEMA BBA students)

  • Two-year MSc: €35,000  

  • Two-year MSc with Luxury & Fashion Management: €38,000 
  • Two-year MSc with Artificial Intelligence for Business Transformation: €42,000 
  • Two-year MSc with Entrepreneurship and Design for Sustainability: €42,000
  • Two-year MSc with Global Luxury and Management: €47,000  
  • Two-year MSc with Product Management & UX Design: €42,000 
  • Two-year MSc with Global Supply Chain Management & Procurement: €42,000
  • Two-year MSc with Financial Markets & Investments: €42,000 
  • Two-year MSc Strategic Management & Consulting: €42,000 
  • Two-Year MSc with the Academic​ Diploma Program in Technology, Entrepreneurship & Start-up Management: €47,000 (for students from SKEMA's BBA or ESDHEM programmes, these fees are €45,500)
  • Two-Year MSc with the Academic Diploma Program in Digital Marketing and Business & Management of Entertainment: €47,000 (for students from SKEMA’s BBA or ESDHEM programmes​, the tuition fees are €45,500)
  • Triple Master: $45,000 (general fees: $1,500 per semester, graduation fee: $340)

  • ​Mastères spécialisés 
  • All MS programmes are €18 000

The application fee is €100 (non-refundable) 

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