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Professional certifications, the latest tech, real-world projects and personalised coaching

Programme taught in English at Sophia Antipolis campus - September and January intakes.

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​​Program​​me outline 

This MSc produces graduates who are competent, practised and experienced in three key areas the​ job market requires: project management, new technologies and web-marketing, and the development of new business ideas.
The MSc achieves this by redefining the role of the student: students take on the role of junior consultants from the beginning of the year. At the start of the year companies come to SKEMA to present projects they would like students of this MSc to manage. They are real life assignments with expected deliverables, budget and deadlines to respect. Students choose the project they would like to work on, and start working immediately.
The programme is structured so that students are presented with relevant web-marketing and project management concepts in class. Students then apply the concepts taught in class to the projects they are working on. All the while, they are guided by the professor-coaches who monitor their work, giving feedback and calling for revisions when needed.
Over recent years students have done projects for companies such as Amadeus, Orange, IBM, Le Village by CA, Air Cannes, the Opera of Nice, Nike, various startups. Projects included product launches, website creation, mobile app, web-marketing, events management, re-branding, communication plan, strategy, social networks… ​

Students do the various Google certifications as well as the Agile project management certification.

Why cho​ose this programme 

This programme has a close link to companies thanks to strong partnerships; these partnerships provide five main benefits: 

Technical skills and knowledge

This MSc will give you expertise in the creation of products, services or events. Working on a real project for a company, you apply managerial skills such as marketing and web-marketing, on and off-line communication, business plans, legal issues, web-site creation / design / management, CRM and e-CRM, e-commerce, change management…


Expertise in managing teams and communicating with stakeholders

 You work in teams with specific responsibilities and assignments. You also manage company meetings and professional presentations. Students acquire skills in team-working; this will be of value to recruiters.


Creativity and capacity to develop new business ideas

The partner companies’ need for new ideas and creativity is the main reason for working with students on projects.


Being coached by seven experts on your company project

These experts are consultants or CEOs. They teach according to their expertise and then coach you on your project. You are managed on project management, marketing and web-marketing - communication and e-communication, graphic design and web-site management, business plans, legal issues, quality and knowledge management, issues of sustainable development.


Professional and practical added value

By the end of the year, you will have hands-on experience with professional plans and frameworks such as: action plans and activity reports to manage teams; communication, risk, quality and business plans; project plans, and specification plans. You will also have mastered tools to schedule and realise strategic analysis of a project.

SKEMA places importance on artificial intelligence in courses. In our MSc programmes, we use the Microsoft PowerPlatform suite with a "low code or no code" use of AI tools.


About the degree

By joining an MSc, students obtain a master of science degree and the "Diploma of Specialised Studies in International Management" (DESMI), a degree approved by France's Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (master's level. More info - text in French). 

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