MASTER OF SCIENCEDigital Marketing and Artificial Intelligence





Professional certifications, the latest tech, real-world projects and personalised coaching

Campus: Sophia Antipolis​
Intakes: September and January
Language: English

​​Program​​me outline 

The MSc Digital Marketing and Artificial Intelligence equips students with practical, technical, and operational skills in three key domains: AI fundamentals, transformative applications in Digital Marketing, and Project Management.
It emphasises digitalising business processes, improving online communication, mastering UI/UX design, managing social networks, analysing marketing data, and automating processes. We also address ethical challenges in AI, providing technology management guidelines. This prepares students not only to augment business workflows but also to meet the evolving job market demands

Why cho​ose this programme 

Opt for this programme for a distinctive and enriching learning journey that sets it apart from the rest. It bridges the gap between academic studies and real-world applications through collaborations with renowned companies. Here are key programme highlights:

  • AI in Digital Marketing & Business Analysis:
    Develop advanced analytical skills and immerse in hands-on AI technologies to drive
    data-centric decisions in the digital marketing sphere.
    Cultivate expertise in using AI for market analysis, automating marketing, and ethical AI use for
    consumer engagement and business refinement.
  • Technical Skills with Academic Knowledge:
     Go beyond traditional academics, mastering coding and non-coding tools that are indispensable
    in the contemporary corporate sphere.
    Learn to use cutting-edge tools for data analytics, project management, website oversight and
    digital marketing prowess.
  • ​Understanding the Risks of AI for Ethical and Responsible Usage:
     Explore the ethical implications and privacy intricacies of AI in digital marketing.
     Mould graduates into discerning leaders, adept at traversing the complex digital terrain with
    ethical stewardship
  • ​Hands-on Experience with Company Projects:
    Engage in real-world projects mentored by industry professionals, visionary CEOs, and esteemed
     Apply knowledge and skills in marketing, business strategy, web marketing, CRM, e-CRM,
    e-commerce, risk management and digital marketing schematics in corporate settings.
     Accumulate invaluable experience in navigating professional plans and frameworks, equipping
    you with a practical understanding prepared for the contemporary corporate landscape.
  • ​​Professional Certifications for Your Career:
    Gain globally recognised certifications valued in the HR community.
     Certifications include those from PMI, Agile Project Management, Google, and Microsoft Power
    Platform, giving you a competitive edge.

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About the degree

By joining an MSc, students obtain a master of science degree and the "Diploma of Specialised Studies in International Management" (DESMI), a degree approved by France's Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (master's level. More info - text in French). 

The mission of SKEMA AI School for Business is to advance artificial intelligence research and pedagogical experiences to prepare the managers of the future to work in an AI-enabled environment. It aims to impart a wide range of AI fundamentals and managerial perspectives to students and leaders from different fields.

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