MSc Strategic Event Management & Tourism Management



Programme courses


Courses, tra​cks & credits

Core courses

S1 or S2 = semester 1 or 2

  • Contemporary Business Strategy in Events & Tourism: Case studies & site inspections, S1, 2 credits
  • Financial Decision Making in Events & Tourism, S1, 3 credits
  • Gaining Insights Through Numbers, S1, 3 credits
  • International Economic Policy for Tourism & Events, S1, 3 credits
  • Preparing your career: Skills Set and Environmental Analysis in Events & Tourism, S1, 2 credits
  • Talent Management in Events & Tourism, S1, 2 credits
  • Basics of Revenue Management, S2, 2 credits
  • Sales & Customer Relationship Marketing in Events and Tourism, S2, 5 credits
  • Strategic Marketing Projects in Tourism and Events, S2, 5 credits
  • Contemporary Business Strategy: The Global Nature of Tourism and Events, S1, 3 credits

Track courses:
One track to be chosen, S1 or S2 = semester 1 or 2
Event Management track 
    • Budgeting and Sponsorship for Event Projects, S1, 2 credits 
    • Convention Bureau Management and Marketing, S1, 3 credits 
    • MICE - The Business Events Industry Stakeholders, S1, 2 credits 
    • Digital Marketing and Event Technology (12 hours shared with Tourism), S2, 4 credits 
    • Event Marketing, S2, 2 credits Facility Management, S2, 2 credits 
    • Meeting Essentials, S2, 5 credits
Tourism Management track 
    • International Accounting & Control in Tourism, S1, 2 credits
    • Visitor Behaviour, S1, 3 credits
    • Advanced Revenue Management, S2, 2 credits
    • Digital Marketing and Tourism Technology (12 hours shared with Events), S2, credits
    • Distribution in Tourism, S2, 5 credits
    • Hospitality Business Game, S2, 2 credits
    • Tourism destination management and marketing, S1, 2 credits
Choose courses totalling four credits in each semester
  • Excel for Business, S1, 1 credit
  • Scenario Planning in Events and Tourism, S1, 1 credit
  • Team Management, S1, 1 credit
  • The PCO Business, S1, 1 credit
  • The Sharing Economy in Tourism and Events, S1, 2 credits
  • Time Management, S1, 1 credit
  • Entrepreneurship in Tourism and Events, S2, 2 credits
  • International Risk Management and Crisis Management for Tourism and Events, S2, 2 credits
  • Service Design in Tourism and Events, S2, 2 credits
  • Sports Event Management, S2,  2 credits
  • Hotel Business Models, S1, 1 credit
Coaching & MSc Thesis  
  • Professional Development, 2 credits
  • Dissertation, 30 credits
TOTAL: 90 credits

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