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SKEMA Transitions

​​​​​The mission of SKEMA Transitions is to accelerate and intensify, in close partnership with the stakeholder community, the integration of the principles of sustainable development and responsible management at SKEMA Business School. 

​SKEMA Transitions encourages and supports individual and collective actions in all our activities: at the governance level, in our programmes, our research, the operation of our campuses and our partnerships. 

Through its mission, SKEMA is resolutely committed to building a fairer and more sustainable world: "SKEMA Business School is a global research and higher education institution that trains talents committed to effecting sustainable transformation around the world, through seamlessly interlinking human-centric, management and data disciplines within global contexts, settings and frameworks." 

SKEMA has set itself three major objectives in its SKY25 Strategic Plan: to become an ‘Avant-Garde School', an 'Impactful Player', and a ‘Glocal Institution’. 

The creation of SKEMA Transitions will enable us to meet these major objectives by implementing the “3D” Plan:

  1. Diversity: Respect, cultivate and mobilise our diversity to take action.
  2. Decarbonisation: Lighten our footprint and implement our low-carbon transition.
  3. Digital & Data for good: Develop a culture of digital responsibility, aligned with sustainable development.

SKEMA Transitions is managed by Isabelle Jauny, who is supported by several bodies: 

  • ​A Steering Committee made up of representatives of the SKEMA community and qualified personalities.​
  • A Sustainability Committee oversees the implementation and reporting of t​he SKEMA Transitions action plan.  It is made up of students, faculty and staff who meet quarterly.
  • A Committee of Experts (SKEMA Sustainability Network) comprising faculty and staff who are committed to making their expertise available to the School’s impact. 

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