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Could Darth Vader have invoked self-defence?

​​​​Published on 15/05/2023

Welcome to "Makes Sense?": a leap into pop culture to explore social issues.

"Makes Sense?" is a podcast of SKEMA Business School, presented by Kevin Erkeletyan.

Could Darth Vader have invoked self-defence?

This is THE question that no one has EVER asked. To answer it, Kevin Erkeletyan plays the devil's advocate and interviews Olivier Lasmoles, professor of law at SKEMA Business School and the author of Le Droit pénal fait son cinéma (LexisNexis)

Through an emblematic scene from Star Wars, they use a lightsaber to shed light on the concept of self-defence, which is often the subject of much debate. In just 15 minutes, the dark side of the law will no longer hold any secrets for you.

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Makes Sense? : Episode 1

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