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Friends: Would Joey, Rachel, Chandler & co. have been friends in the age of social media?

​Published on 17/04/2024

They're THE group of friends we've all dreamed of having. But the last episode of Friends was shot 20 years ago. Back then, there was no social media or smartphones, and the Internet was running at a snail's pace. In what way have these new everyday technologies changed human relationships? How could Chandler make people laugh in the age of X (Twitter)? Could Ross have met Rachel in the age of Tinder? 

These are some of the questions Mary Michaelides asks Brazilian Professor Patricia Rossi - the Monica Geller of research. An associate professor of marketing at SKEMA Business School, her research focuses on consumer behaviour, innovation, and new technologies. It is 2024, and we're off to Central Perk!

"Makes Sense?" is a podcast from SKEMA Business School. This episode is presented by Mary Michaelides. 

Management, leadership, education, marketing, geopolitics, sustainability, luxury, law, AI... all of SKEMA's expertise imparted through pop culture to boost your general knowledge. 

Learn more about Patricia Rossi.

"Makes sense?": Episode 11

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