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The Lord of the Rings: how to turn artificial intelligence into a weapon of mass creation?

​​​Published on 21/08/2023​​


Will ChatGPT replace us? Since its arrival, generative artificial intelligence has fuelled all kinds of fantasies!

Its power seems as formidable as that of the one ring in The Lord of the Rings.

Can this new technological weapon corrupt and dehumanise us in the same way that the ring transformed Gollum? Should we, like Frodo, the hero of the saga, seek to destroy it? Or can we, on the contrary, use AI as a weapon of mass creation? 

To guide him in his quest, Kevin Erkeletyan has called on his Gandalf, the wise Brazilian Marcos Lima, a professor of innovation at SKEMA Business School and a member of the SKEMA Centre for Artificial Intelligence. Together, they explore the new lands of AI, connecting our universe and that of Tolkien.

"Makes sense?" : Episode 3

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