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Zidane/Materazzi: why do brands play with our emotions?

​​​Published on 11/12/2023

Why do brands play on our emotions? Instead, why don’t they appeal to our intellect? 

Why did Materazzi choose to insult Zidane rather than show him that he deserved to win more than Zidane did? 

Was Zidane's header as instinctive as it seemed?

To better understand the mechanisms deployed by brands and their marketing managers, and also our reactions as consumers, Kevin Erkeletyan decided to replay the match. He invited an Italian, Isabella Soscia, to gain some insights. 

The author of a book on emotions and consumer behaviour, she manages the Marketing Interactions research centre at SKEMA Business School. Join the discussion as it sets off to a flying start!

"Makes sense?": Episode 7

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