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About the city

SKEMA's campus in Brazil is located in the city of Belo Horizonte, the capital of Minas Gerais, in Brazil's southeast region. Founded on December 12, 1897, it was built and planned based on the urban models of Paris (France) and Washington D.C. (USA).

Belo Horizonte is known for its beautiful mountains and landscape and has an average temperature of 22° Celsius.

It has around 2.5 million inhabitants and is the sixth most populous city in Brazil. In terms of the Human Development Index (HDI), the city has a grade of 0,810 (2010).

Facts about Belo Horizonte:

  • Ranked as the third-best capital to live in Brazil (IDGM, 2021)
  • Is the third-best city to invest in education (Urban Systems, 2020)
  • Has the third largest number of researchers and scientific professionals and polytechnics in Brazil (Annual Report of Social Information, 2017)
  • Is the third-largest metropolitan region in Brazil (IBGE)
  • Third most wooded city in Brazil (IBGE)
  • Placed tenth in the ranking of smart cities (tech and innovation) in Brazil (Urban Systems, 2020)

Discover the Brazil campus

About the campus

In response to SKEMA Brazil’s continuous growth since its launch in 2015, and considering the exponential increase of students at this campus, SKEMA opened a new campus in Belo Horizonte in July 2021 as part of its strategic plan. The new campus offers better infrastructural quality and learning experience to our students and is equipped to handle the exciting new projects planned in the coming months and years.
Located at Avenida do Contorno, 5456, in the "heart of Savassi", a vibrant area in the city, the new campus will be integrated into the digital hub of the city's innovation ecosystem. It represents a new milestone in SKEMA's development in Brazil and offers MSc programmes (for local and international students), short courses, nanodegrees, and much more. It hosts institutional events, multicampus conferences, and major national and international events of public interest.
Spread across an area of 5,500 m2 with 11 floors, the building can accommodate up to a thousand students. In addition to a technological infrastructure that facilitates the hybridisation of SKEMA's global education (auditorium, video wall, touch screen, video studio, etc.), the campus also has coworking and collaboration spaces. The building has an ecological design and uses materials and devices that contribute to reducing the impact on the environment: ventilation, LED lighting, conscious water consumption, noise control, recycling, selective sorting, etc.​

Business ecosystem

Belo Horizonte is an entrepreneurship and innovation powerhouse in Brazil. It is the third largest city for business and is situated in the heart of a high-tech startup cluster called the San Pedro Valley, also known as the Brazilian Silicon Valley. Some of the best-known startups in Brazil and in the world were born here: Méliuz, Hotmart and Sympla.

Located inside this ecosystem, SKEMA is recognised as a major player in the knowledge production sector with growing connections to other sectors. It houses more than 200 startups and 10 incubators. Belo Horizonte is ranked among the top 10 dynamic cities for business in Latin America, with 80% of its economy concentrated in the service sector: trade, finance and real estate, and multinationals.

Nearby places

Savassi, situated close to the campus, is a vibrant region. It is one of the favourite spots of tourists and residents of the city and is considered one of Belo Horizonte's best neighbourhoods to live in. The campus is also close to the São Pedro neighbourhood, which is home to the San Pedro Valley. Students also have easy access to "Central Market", the city park and the Libert Square Circuit.

The World Cultural Heritage – Pampulha, and the Liberdade Square - Liberdade Circuit with its iconic museums and cultural events, are amongst the most important tourist attractions in Belo Horizonte. The gastronomy — from traditional to haute cuisine — has gone beyond borders and has received many awards in Brazil and across the world. The city's nightlife is also very vibrant.

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