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Paris, the city of lights

About the city 

Paris continues to be one of the most alluring cities in the world for cultural and economic activities.

At the heart of the French business, intellectual and cultural life, Paris hosts millions of visitors all around the year who come to marvel at the wealth of history, art and entertainment the city has to offer. Competitive industries, business innovations, high standard of education and tourism have turned Paris into one of the most sought-after cities for business professionals and young graduates. For career-oriented people, this is the place to be and SKEMA's Paris campus gives them the chance to study and work in a city abounding with diverse opportunities.

About the campus

SKEMA Business School's Grand Paris Campus in Suresnes used to house Louis Blériot's aircraft manufacturing facilities in the late 19th and 20th century. In 2002, it became the headquarters of Airbus (formerly EADS). It is here that a large portion of France’s industrial history was written. SKEMA has set up its campus in the birthplace of the ‘Made in France’ expertise and is a contributor to France’s history and knowledge economy.

The campus is spread across 14,000 m2 , including 1,500 m2 of rooftop terrace with views of the Seine and the Eiffel Tower. After more than a year of remodelling and renovation work, SKEMA’s flagship Grand Paris Campus will open its doors in January 2021. It reflects the three mainstays of the school’s DNA: innovation (through our research centres and AI activities), globalisation (with around 120 nationalities on campus) and digitalisation (hyperconnected to the world).

Discover the new Paris campus

The Lobby / The Foyer

SKEMA’s students, professionals taking executive education courses, faculty members and staff enter the building from this modern, open space. It also provides access to the cafeteria, which will serve a variety of international cuisine.

Knowledge Center

This is a space that is common to all SKEMA campuses. It serves three functions: “library” (documentation), “factory” (production facility) and “academy” (research to train and educate). It is also virtual, via its data-rich resource portal that is accessible at all times.

Learning Spaces

The large plate-glass windows provide all the necessary light for the classrooms fitted with modular walls. Up to 280 students can be accommodated in the first lecture hall and 140 in the second. They are equipped with multiplex technology, enabling lectures to be simulcast in real time to several of SKEMA’s campuses across the world.

Business ecosystem

After being named the third most attractive global metropolis by a KPMG study, Paris climbed to third place in the ranking of the most influential cities in the world (Forbes magazine) after London and New York.

Competitive industries, business innovations, high-level education, and tourism have turned Paris into the favourite city of business professionals and young graduates. For career-oriented young people, Paris is the place to be and SKEMA's Paris campus gives students the chance to work and learn in a city of unlimited opportunities.


Paris is well-connected to several major cities by buses, trains and flights.

  • Amsterdam: 1h 15m by flight
  • Brussels: 1h 35m by train
  • Lille: less than one hour by train
  • London: 1h by flight
  • Milan: 1h 25m by flight
  • Nice: 1h 25m by flight
  • Zurich: 1h 15m by flight

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