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Tuition and financial aid

​Attending college is a significant investment in your future and we believe the SKEMA BBA program is a smart choice.  With a global alumni network, a year of study abroad, a practical business curriculum, and the opportunity to earn a dual degree, the SKEMA BBA offers students a truly unique educational experience and strong return on investment for the future. 

 Tuition is charged based upon the rates of the campus on which the student begins their academic program (home campus).  The information provided on this page is intended for students who begin their first year of BBA studies on the SKEMA Raleigh Campus.


Tuition for the SKEMA Raleigh Campus is a flat rate of $20,000 per academic year, with half due at the beginning of the Fall semester and the remaining half due at the Spring semester. A 5-month, interest-free semester-based payment plan is available through SKEMA Raleigh.  

The tuition rate for the fourth year for students completing the dual degree is determined by the partner institution – North Carolina State University (NC State) or Western Carolina University (Western).  A reference chart is listed below to provide an estimate of anticipated tuition costs: ​​

2023 – 2024 Annual Tuition & Fees
​In-State Tuition Rate
​​Out-of-State Tuition Rate
​NC State University
Western Carolina University​

Both institutions are a part of the North Carolina public school system and utilize the Residency Determination Service (RDS) to establish whether a student is classified as in-state or out-of-state.  Please check with the admissions staff for questions regarding the RDS. 

Students who register for classes at a non-SKEMA Campus will be charged a $1,500 campus mobility fee. This fee applies to dual degree and exchange students but is not applicable for the study abroad year during the BBA program completed at another SKEMA campus.   


Financial Aid Options 

Currently, the SKEMA Raleigh Campus offers a $6,000 reduction for year one and year two of the BBA program ($12,000 reduction total).  The Admissions Committee will also consider additional financial awards at the time of an admission offer for the first two years of the program.  An opportunity for current students to apply for further merit-based reduction awards is available during the third and fourth years.   

Scholarships are an excellent option to supplement financial aid.  Each scholarship is unique regarding the application process, eligibility requirements, award amount, distributor, and focus.  We encourage applicants to research scholarships at least 6 months prior to the start of the BBA program.

Please note that SKEMA is a private school with international campuses licensed in multiple countries, including the US and France.  FAFSA funding awards from the US federal government are not applicable or accepted for SKEMA. 


Budget Planning 

To help prepare for your studies, we have provided an estimated budget for common expenses.  These numbers are for reference only and vary depending on each student’s individual situation, selections, and preferences. 

​Estimated Budget
​SKEMA Raleigh tuition *
​$800 - $1,200
$80 - $120​​​Monthly
​Cell phone
$30 - $50​​​Monthly
​Social activities
​$50 - $200
​Flight to Raleigh
Per trip​
​Apartment supplies
​$300 - $500
​Visa & international paperwork​

* Tuition rates will vary depending on a student’s financial aid award and do not reflect rates for the fourth-year dual degree program.

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