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Women Leadership

SKEMA Business School can help you assert your leadership skills and become a key player in your company. The Women Leadership certification course will be a lever for your career.
Who this is for

Women who want to progress to key positions


3 days, including 2 days in person in Paris​​


​Next session: Dates to be confirmed




A leadership that values complementarity

The first step in convincing yourself to embark on the transformation is to feel legitimate. To do this, this course is based on the work of Professor Michel Ferrary (see biography below), who uses figures to demonstrate the link between gender diversity and performance, and the importance of increasing the diversity of teams within organisations. 

To help you kick-start your transformation, we offer you operational tools as well as a collective coaching approach to meet your short-, medium- and long-term challenges. 
Our peer-to-peer learning approach will enable you to forge links with other participants in the programme and strengthen your professional network. 

The pillars of our teaching approach are role-playing, collective intelligence and coaching.​

The objectives 

  • Become aware of gender bias in order to overcome it.
  • Associate parity and performance.
  • Develop assertiveness and know how to manage difficult communications.
  • Develop your capacity to influence and adopt a leadership posture.
  • Build a network and rely on allies to progress.

 The aim of this course is to obtain certification registered in the Répertoire spécifique "RS 5353 Managing your team in a changing environment​".​ 


The strengths of the programme


  • Deciphering gender bias in order to overcome it: e​​ncourage self-reflection and introspection to raise awareness.
  • Strengthen the legitimacy of gender diversity in companies: an interactive masterclass to show how gender diversity can increase the performance of organisations and to identify ways to promote parity.​
  • Taking action: sharing and experimenting to take a step back from our behaviours and give women the confidence to assume their form of leadership and their ambitions.
  • Bringing women and men together: valuing complementarities, in favour of gender diversity.


Structure of the programme

Practical details of the Women Leadership certificate

This course represents the equivalent of 3 days of learner time and is accessible in blended format. It consists of e-learning (1.5 hours), a masterclass (2.5 hours), face-to-face workshops (2 days) and virtual classes (3.5 hours) led by experts in the field.


Modules of the women's management programme


Presentation of the course and the different modules. This is also an introduction to your personal logbook which will accompany you throughout the training and will be a support for your transformation.

Module 1: Becoming aware of gender biases to overcome them

This module teaches you how to identify gender biases and stereotypes as well as good practices implemented in organisations around the world in favour of parity. Testimonials, feedback and community animations will feed your reflections.

Module 2: Understanding the link between gender diversity and performance

This masterclass is an opportunity to present the work of Michel Ferrary and the Observatory's study on the feminisation of companies. You will discover that parity serves the whole company and not just women. At the end of this module you will have acquired the knowledge necessary to propose solutions to accelerate parity within your organisation.

Module 3: Developing assertiveness and leadership

With the support of group coaching, you will develop two fundamental skills for leading change: assertiveness and leadership. The scenarios are not limited to gender issues.

Module 4: Measuring progress – Feedback

place after the programme has been implemented in your organisation. Together we will take stock of what you have put in place, the results observed, the evolution of your ambitions and the benefits you have gained from this experience.

Observatoire de la féminisation


Skills are assessed through continuous assessment and a final assessment, in the form of work situations, case studies and multiple-choice questions.

Certification is awarded to participants who complete the entire course and pass the final assessment.​



The certification is open to managers or future managers with at least one year's professional experience.​

Programme Directors

Stéphanie Chasserio.jfifStéphanie Chasserio

Associate Professor of Management at SKEMA

 Her research focuses on professional equality and "female" leadership.

She is the pedagogical director of the SKEMA programmes dedicated to the development of female talent at France Invest and Renault.

Michel Ferrary.jfifMichel Ferrary

Professor at SKEMA

Michel Ferrary is Director of the Observatory of the feminisation of companies at SKEMA. His work contributed to the Coppé-Zimmerman law and he was a member of the High Council for Gender Equality and, as such, worked on the Rixain law.


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