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Digitalisation Academy

Associate Dean of Academy: Isabelle Walsh

Sophie Gay, head of the Grande Ecole programme, works in pair with the associate dean of academy to guarantee the dissemination of the SKEMA’s digitalisation DNA in all teaching and learning activities.

The mission of the Digitalisation Academy is to enable students to become heralds of digital transformation in organisations through a deep understanding of the tools of tomorrow, while maintaining an awareness of their own unique humanity.

The digital revolution is behind us: the barriers that blocked the continuous flow and sharing of the knowledge produced by human beings have fallen. We recognise and accept that, today, our world is digitalised and that reality can also be virtual.

At the Digitalisation Academy, we focus on the way
digital transformation enables us to share knowledge
towards a collective and networked human intelligence.

In order to accomplish this mission, the Digitalisation Academy is committed to:
  • Cultivating students’ ability to utilise digitisation as a tool to reinvent our business models, our jobs and our identities
  • Leveraging our students’ new ways of socialising to train them for the post-digital revolution era
  • Training students to seek new opportunities afforded by digitalisation, through for instance big data, business intelligence, artificial intelligence
  • Raising students’ awareness of new challenges such as cyber-attacks, privacy concerns, ethical considerations…
  • Enabling students to understand the limits of digital transformation: machines can learn whatever explicit knowledge we can code. However, they cannot learn our tacit knowledge (our knowhow) 

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