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​​MINT scholars explore the marketing challenges generated by AI systems in terms of human creativity and business creativity with the idea to develop discussion around the implications of AI systems on customer engagement. 

One of the MINT study aims to theorize the neoliberal governance failure of mobilizing consumers to take responsibility for properly managing their household waste. Preliminary analysis demonstrates that neoliberal waste governance leads consumers to keep waste in their homes by superimposing consumer waste responsibilities (i.e., eliminate waste to minimise contamination, recycle to help industrial growth; prevent waste to preserve the environment), heightening fear of loss of control, and providing waste pathways (infrastructures or networks to move waste) that are inflexible and sometimes destructive.

A MINT study examines advertising as a vehicle for compassion organizing in a crisis situation. Integrating what it is known about corporate advertising, particularly as a crisis communication strategy, with insights from organisational studies on the process of compassion organising, the study offers a strategic framework for brands to communicate and configure resources to navigate social crises.

A MINT study in collaboration with the University of Michigan explores the conditions in which corporate misconduct (in regard to health and climate change) causes outrage amongst consumers, consequently eliciting negative moral emotions. Moreover, it discusses the capacity of said negative moral emotions to energise consumer decisions and action tendencies to retaliate against “offending” companies.

MINT authors are studying the adaptation of five established religious schools to the marketisation —the entry of the market logic into a field originally insulated from it— of education in Brazil. This piece of research is conducted in collaboration with the Brazilian Jesuit Educational Network.

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