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Our projects

​Annual Fund

It takes resources to maintain educational excellence, and the Annual Fund can provide SKEMA with the funding both to meet unexpected demands and to seize opportunities by being agile when these arise. 

The Annual Fund enables SKEMA to bring new ideas to life proactively and to further develop the programs SKEMA offers. With the flexibility to meet emerging needs, whether this means helping a student in urgent need of a scholarship or providing seed funding to a faculty member pursuing a promising line of research, the Annual Fund is essential to furthering SKEMA's educational mission. 


Education transforms lives, families, communities and, ultimately, companies.  

SKEMA aims to attract and recruit the most promising students, regardless of where they come from socially or geographically. Since its creation, SKEMA has been committed to an exemplary scholarship policy adapted to the needs and challenges of each student. 

By awarding up to 1,000 scholarships each year, with a budget of €1.5 million, SKEMA is truly making equal opportunity a reality, but there is still much to be done. Our alumni play an essential role in the growth of our scholarship fund, and thus in ensuring that the opportunities and societal changes b​ecome a reality. 

Research and Programs

To meet the challenges of a rapidly changing society, SKEMA attaches great importance to research and encourages the emergence of pedagogical innovations. 

SKEMA blazes a trail in the higher education landscape by adopting new learning methods on its campuses, and offers programs such as SKEMA Ventures, our incubator for young entrepreners, among others.

SKEMA's ambition is to be an impactful player in the world, to enable students to forge their own path and proactively contribute to the necessary transitions that will shape their environment, and to help them see themselves as global citizens. 


SKEMA is committed to the continuous improvement of its facilities and campuses.  

SKEMA aims to achieve a 40% reduction in its energy consumption by 2030, requiring significant investment in our facilities (our main source of energy consumption), such as the replacement of windows on our Sophia campus and the air conditioning system on our Lille campus. 

Other projects include the development of Learning Labs on our campuses, a dedicated space on each campus that transforms access to information and the learner/user experience, with the possibility of entering into co-construction partnerships with companies. ​

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