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Entrepreneurship at SKEMA

GloCal entrepreneurship: A scope for "global" opportunities with roots in "local" ecosystems. SKEMA Business School launched SKEMA Ventures to facilitate this vision.

SKEMA Ventures offers a unique value chain based on the Teaching-Coaching-Community model, which is customised for each campus. It allows each student to think, design, test, launch and accelerate an entrepreneurial project in a global context – on 7 innovative territories and 5 continents – while benefiting from the best of each local ecosystem.

Entrepreneurship according to SKEMA

This GloCal vision of entrepreneurship is at the heart of SKEMA's DNA. The business school considers an entrepreneur to be an innovator-transformer. Anchored to their territory and connected to the world, SKEMA entrepreneurs innovate and act to transform industries, organisations and society as a whole.

At SKEMA, we are convinced that responsible growth and creation of wealth in our societies and territories require invention of new paradigms. This cannot be separated from the creation of meaning by entrepreneurs capable of thinking and creating new activities, whether it is through the creation of new companies, or new businesses in existing companies.

Entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs

Large companies also need entrepreneurs. Globalisation, the digital revolution, the disruptive innovations brought by start-ups, and finally, changes in consumer behaviour are forcing them to reinvent their future. They are looking for intrapreneurial collaborators with this GloCal multicultural vision and capacity.

As a result, a growing number of students are considering creating innovative companies or activities as a logical professional option that reflects these new values.

They expect their school to facilitate and stimulate the generation of ideas, train them in the best entrepreneurial practices, and support them in the construction of their project and its launch and development.

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