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MSc admissions interview - Guidance and tips


​Some advice f​or the admissions interview​

The purpose of the MSc admissions interview is to select suitable candidates to SKEMA. Along with candidates’ academic records, the interview will be a decisive factor in the selection process.
The admissions interview enables the selection committee (made up of professors and professionals) to understand the candidate’s reasons for applying and to learn what he or she hopes to gain in terms of their career plans.
The interview lasts about 30 minutes and is similar to a typical job interview.
Assessment criteria for the admissions interview

​​Criteria are used to assess a candidate’s suitability, these include:

  • Inter-relational skills
  • Communications skills
  • General and cultural knowledge
  • Analytical capacities
  • Reflection on one’s future career

Guidance points:​

  • Express clear career goals (field, companies, part of the world).
  • We are keen on recruiting students who are generally well informed, and in the field of interest, so questions may concern recent business and economic news.
  • If you have professional experience, be ready to discuss this.
  • Possible questions:
    • Why France / USA / China / Brazil (depending on campus choice)?
    • Why SKEMA Business School?
    • How can this programme help you to achieve your career goals?
  • Other questions may depend on your profile. As we’re trying to get to know you better, we will ask about the most striking experiences on your CV.
​SKEMA’s professors are passionate about their field – make sure you show you are too.

Times and technical:

  • Interview time is French local time. Be sure to get the time zones right.
  • Please test your Skype setup before the interview and make sure your technology works: your connection, your microphone, speakers/headset. Use the Skype Call Testing Service to test your audio. Test your camera to see how you look on screen.
  • If possible, use a computer with a direct internet connection wi-fi can be unreliable.  
  • Please be online and ready 15 minutes before the interview. We will initiate the call at the time of your interview.
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